Starlyn Garvy

Starlyn Garvy


Vintage style rock & roll, but refreshingly new. Taking the audience off-guard with a surprising alternative to "the scene".


North Carolina-based rock quartet Starlyn Garvy has evidence of royal rock pedigree flowing through it's veins. Citing groups like The Who, New York Dolls, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and T. Rex as influences; S*G weaves a unique sound all their own. Frontman Tyson Davis commands the stage with sheer vocal ability and theatrical showmanship, playing off the cosmic guitar solos by lead guitarist Tristan Yonce and the blurry-fingered melodic bass riffs of Anthony Harrison. S*G boasts an hour long show that leaves audiences exhilarated... virtually pummeled by bombastic drummer John Kelly. Having independently released their first album and performed full-length rock operas, crowds have been pleased both aesthetically and audibly by Starlyn Garvy.

Appearances include:

Serendipity at Guilford College

Regional productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch as The Angry Inch

And various rock clubs, theaters, dive bars, and festivals.


Having released one incredibly low-fi, self-titled album and loads of live recordings, a current studio album is being recorded.

Set List

A typical set is one hour of all-original material, but can be adjusted accordingly. Covers are occasionally played and are usually vintage in nature.