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Progressive party music, social political.


My background is in entertainment. I am an actor, rapper, music producer and writer. I am a songs writer and I have recently worked as a Music Journalist. Before becoming a music producer I worked two years as a resident DJ. I also have a background in staging events and promotions. My primary focus is entertaining my audience.


Permanent Heaven

Written By: Chief Rocker

(verse 1)
lights! action! flights! packin!
haterz give me headache vacations are my aspirin
i'm tight with the fashion I light it up and pass it
i'm polite with my rations it's nice when you have it
i'm nice when i rap it you might wanna grab it
but think twice silly rabbit it don't matter where you from
any city, any accent from alley way to billboard
rapping is a kill sport (you jealous?) then you still pork
i'm eating up rappers with a crown and a pitchfork
cause brotha if you down you can't even get a kick start
niggas say they down then they switchin' like a bitch walk
that's why i'm bombing rappers round my town in the pitch dark
I use to be confused i learned to flow and now i blend thoughts
the evil that men do, the stupid lies that men bought
and the lies then men sold makes me feel menstrual
hotter then a thin pot boiling till it thins out
i got their heart racing like a shark with my fin out
my passion's like i'm starting, but i spit it like i been out
brothers want the street cred id rather have the pen clout
Chief Rockers intercepting money while it's in route


i got a heaven in my mind and it's permanent
you would think it was a kite when i run with it
everything i write is tight like a tourniquet
it's not crack, in a pipe but i'm burning it
with the flame! Mr Entertain!
Chief to the Rock, best remember my name

(verse 2)
Yo! catch up! now i got my rep up
if you want to dance with the devil nigga step up
my lyics do a backspin with no cardboard i get it crackin
like it was a fresh can of krylon my lines are like a python
your rhymes are like the walls that i write on
that's because they too clean reefresh that's the new scene
i guess like the blue jeans that if i rep the best doing new things
that i could make it up out of my rest like a hoop dream
theses these lames can't play me, man my games to crazy
i whip the cane like Singapore and train you babies
now i'm serving crack it's a murderous attack
cause i mixed it with the h, man get it while it's great
it's the rhythm that i make split it on the plate
i make a killing with the bass have you feeling on your face
thinking that living is a race but i'm still in one place
that's the heaven in my mind it's a elegant design
i getting better with the time like a tri-colored g-shock
I'm fresh like a peacock i blow solo
then i take a rest like it's bebop cause ain't no body better
than your big brother Chief Rock



(verse 3)
i'm the best at this with subliminal messages
i make it sound criminal effortless so i can get a deal
and feel centerfold breasteses it's pitiful get a clue
you rappers are wack, so why would i mimic you
i don't mean it literal i'm cleaner then the chemicals
that your mom used to clean the living room
but my bass booms like attack of the living doom
i'm rappin like a dickhead, pussy let me feel the womb
they hate to see me fuckin up this track yelling get a room
haters got this game mixed up like december-june
this games more bitter then any lemon you bit or chewed
i'm rapping like a beast and i'm coming to dinner soon
watch the chief turn into a wolf by the silver moon
so i can take rides around me crib like on silver spoons
man i got this fruity loops sounding like a mini moog
growling like a motorhead i'm rawer then that lemmy dude
my imaginations infinite, i a got plenty tunes
i'm hard with the diddy bop they soft like titty boobs
i'm complex collegian they rhymes went to kiddy school
i might bite the head off a swine in an interview
it's dog eat dog world so i'm letting out my inner zoo
you got to do something so these zombies remember you
these vampires want to take the milk and the litter too
damn they unoriginal they bit if they feeling you

(chorus) x 2



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