Star Map Caravan

Star Map Caravan


An acoustic based music with electric colours. Not far off the generic trail, the vibes range from melodic to gruff and striking. Pleasantly in your face, the music is creative and original. It is a pleasure to also see live as Stamp plays drums with his feet as he sings and plays guitar.


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What makes Star Map Caravan original is the way Jeff Stamp plays that acoustic guitar. So hard, and so gentle. The way that Stamp plays the drums with his feet makes him stand out as an interesting visual performer as well as an original songwriter and artist. His players add such perfect textures to the mix to make it a full house. The music has not been able to be easily classified and people love to try to describe the Earthy vibrations orchastrated within themselves. They changes from one song to the next, being heavy, gentle, caring and angry....but always feel like home, and not far off the generic path to keep some traditions alive. We manifest all things gold and want to share our booty with the universe.
The 2008 CD, was Inspired by awareness and channeling, influenced by Mike Patton, Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Jim Morrison and many other movers and shakers.
Jeff Stamp performs solo, duo, trio, or full band...anything to be ALIVE... hence, when it is a solo act or anything short of the trio or full band, it is called "STAMP ALIVE" Though the spirits still back him up anywhere he goes.



Written By: Jeff Stamp*Star Map Caravan

Oh they seep inside of me and make me feel crazy things. They move me outside of this physical form and slide me out of everything. You'll never see me again. I'm gone.
In disguise, the wolf as a sheep, emotions are clawing out of me. There is no space it can't fill and no place it can't keep as it pulses with everything. I know it's making a monster out of me. You'll never see me again. I'm gone.


New Album out September 2008 "Star Map Caravan"
Having 10 tracks of unique sounds.
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Set List

Jeff Stamp plays duet, solo or trio for 1/2 hour to 3-45 minute sets. Also blessing him are different styles of colours (Keys, bass,slide guitars,flute,didjuridoo back up vocals)