Currently performing in and around the Boston area, STARN is an emerging pop/rock/alternative group influenced by Garbage, The Cranberries, The Killers, David Bowie and Frank Zappa among others.


Formed in the winter of 2005, STARN is a Boston based rock group that produces an array of songs from high-energy modern rock to soft, heartfelt ballads. The combination of each member's individual influences and experiences create a full sound and solid stage presence that will engage any audience. Currently focusing on playing shows and recording songs for a soon to be released EP, STARN is a band that seeks to infuse their music with energy, creativity and emotion, and to bring this to each performance.

Past Shows:
4/7/07 - Bulfinch Yacht Club, Boston, MA
3/7/07 - Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA
2/21/07 - Bulfinch Yacht Club, Boston, MA
2/8/07 - Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA
12/12/06 - Bulfinch Yacht Club, Boston, MA
12/6/06 - Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, MA
11/19/06 - Milky Way Lounge, Jamaica Plain, MA


STARN is currently recording for an EP. Songs to be included are:

Get In Your Car

Set List

Set time is typically 45-60 minutes of original songs. For demo songs, visit