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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Blues Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Star Nayea tears up the stage..."

Newspaper article from our research archive:

Star Nayea tears up the stage at the Music Festival
Article from: Circle, The Article date: June 30, 2002 More results for: Star Nayea | Copyright information

Circle, The
After tearing up the stage at the Native American Music Festival and
"ripping the roof off the House of Blues," singer/songwriter Star Nayea is
in Los Angeles working on her next record. Her background is indeed
celestial. She has shared the stage with the best of Indian Country: Keith
Secola, Robbie Robertson, Robert Mirabel, Ulali, Rita Coolidge, Buffy St.
Marie, and Indigenous, to name a few.

Her first record, "Somewhere in a Dream," won the 2001 Best Independent
Recording at the Native American Music Awards. Nayea also sang on
Robertson's "Contact from the Underworld of Redboy" and performed with
Mirabel's "Tribe," while lending her vocals to his "Songs from a Painted - The Circle

"Native American Star Nayea to perform"

Article from: US Fed News Service, Including US State News Article date: October 19, 2007 More results for: Star Nayea | Copyright information
The city of Las Vegas issued the following press release:
In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month, the city of Las Vegas Arts & Community Events Division presents a concert by Native American Star Nayea, a rising talent in the pop, blues and rock arena. Nayea performs on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 2 p.m. in the Reed Whipple Cultural Center's main theatre. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 on performance day. Call (702) 229-6211 or pick up tickets at the center's box office, 821 Las Vegas Blvd. North.
A songwriter as well as a singer, Nayea's music is informed by her childhood experiences. Beginning in the 1950s, the federal government removed Native American children from their ...

Newspaper article from our research archive:

- City of Las Vegas

"Aboriginal Radio Most Active List"

Aboriginal radio most active list.(radio's most active)
Article from: Windspeaker Article date: February 1, 2008 More results for: Star Nayea | Copyright information



Star Nayea Silenced My TongueSilenced My Tongue
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Eagle & Hawk It's About Time Sirensong
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The Breeze Band Road to Eden The Breeze Band
New Horizon Woman In The Picture Single Release
Hector Die For MeRain Dancing
Mike Gouchie Childhood Friend Let It Rain-Steve Rain &
Gabby Taylor You're The One...

Newspaper article from our research archive:


"Music Fest to Attract International Artist"

Music festival beginning to attract international artists.(MUSIC)(5th Annual Aboriginal Music Festival)
Article from: Saskatechewan Sage Article date: October 1, 2008 Author: Fiddler, Christine More results for: Star Nayea | Copyright information
An exciting evening filled with Aboriginal music, dancing, craft vendors, and a tasty meal was enjoyed by attendees during the 5th Annual Aboriginal Music Festival at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Organizer Alex Munoz said approximately 2,000 people came out to watch Aboriginal musicians and dancers from genres ranging from rock, blues, alternative, Indie, R&B, fiddle, country, and traditional.
"Just the whole atmosphere itself was pretty great," said Munoz of the Indigenous Peoples Program at the University of Saskatchewan. "It was a really diverse crowd as well. We had politicians, we had corporate leaders, we had a lot of students, we had a lot of teachers, ...

- Saskatechewan Sage


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John William Jordan III

Monday September 27, 2004
6:13 PM Star, Icame to the Honoring of our Museums in Washington D.C., I heard and seen your preformance on stage, you took my breathe away, you deserved the Eagle's feather that was given to you. You and all of the artist will keep our Heritage alive. I want you to know that I will be buying all of your CDs. I am Chereeke and Proud. Your Music moves people.
John (Chief Nightowl)

eyahni lewis

Monday September 27, 2004
2:47 PM
star, it was a much antiscipated wait to hear your beautiful voice(D.C.)& great performance. you are amazing!i hope your son is well and safe.may the spirits continue to bless you. good luck on the new release.

Nina B
Sunday September 26, 2004
10:26 PM Hey Star, I never heard of you before but I saw your performance today in DC at the First American's Fest and you have an amazing voice, I look forward to seeing you perform live again. Keep up the awesome music. Us non-natives need to hear your music too! Best wishes for your health and career.
Monday July 19, 2004
5:49 PM To Star...means little when nothing is said, the embodiment of power when it is decorated by female Native cofidence slays social monsters and empowers minds of new and next generations who are born into a struggle for survival. Your test results will go down in the pages of history as accomplished and defined are amazing to say the least. ROCK ON, NATIVE BEAUTY!

Tuesday August 24, 2004
1:30 AM
Saw you at the Indian Market this weekend and I have to say, you blew me away! I have never seen you live until now and I'm so glad I finally got the opportunity. A lot of people at the show didn't know who you were, but from some of the conversations I overheard, you gained a lot of new converts and I think that's really cool! Good luck in Washington next month...Knock 'em dead! I wish you all the best for the future. You are absolutely going places and I know you will be huge someday! Take care and peace....

Rae Wiilliams
Friday May 7, 2004
6:46 PM Dear Miss Nayea, I pray that your career has taken flight! I'm enjoying your r CD so very much, and have put one in eeach car-so, I can listen to you everyday! As, I listen some words touch my heart-that I didn't hear the day before. It feels like our spirits touch-and I am riding along listening to a daughter-Thank you for sharing you for sharing your gift of song! Blessings and Much Happiness, Rae Williams

Sunday January 11, 2004
6:51 PM
Hi Star! You have a very beautiful yet powerful voice. Would love to know where I could get your CD's!!! I saw and heard you on Music from a Painted Cave. You now have a St. Louis fan!

Wednesday December 10, 2003
11:51 AM
Never signed a Star's guestbook yet. I seen you on APTN a few days ago. Enjoyed your song, you put a lot of heart into it. I recall you saying you believe your roots are in Canada . I pray that all the pieces will come together for you. Keep on singing with heart. I made your website my homepage today. This is all.
Wednesday November 19, 2003
2:24 PM
seen you sing many times.... youve touched my soul.... thanx.....heres a pic of my blues band

T.L Muskwa
Wednesday October 1, 2003
2:56 PM Hey there super star nayea!!how yah doing?well i saw you on this canadian t.v show called buffalo tracks.i just seen the last part of your performance.i was like "holy sheeet!!"who is this woman?anyhoo i wanted to see the program again ,so i waited like months for a rebroadcast.and finally i got to see your performance again!!it was well worth the wait!!do u you ever do any gigs up here in" freeze yer ass "canada?well im up here in alberta between calgary n edmonton.i would also like some info on where i can get info on buying your c.d?(maybe an autographed picture!!??)well since your an actress too , id like to work with your on a project in the future!!either acting or stunts!!well i hope you get to read this..your brand new fan!..T.L

Star Cardinal
Friday November 28, 2003
12:47 AM Hi Star Just had to sign your guestbook so that you know I checked you out, always noticed our name. I love your singing, and your image. See you someday. Stay happy! Your Blackfoot Sister.

Herbie Barnes

Tuesday February 10, 2004
5:25 PM
just a note to say Wow , you look great. I just happen to be one of your biggest fans . Hope all is well with you and the little one . hope to see you soon up here in the great white north take care Star Herbie



Thursday May 26, 2005
1:54 PM
Hi Star! I know you were at the Museum opening last fall, any chance that you will be performing in DC in August for the big Pow Wow? Would be great to hear you and I know you would rock the house. Best wishes........

Bernie Uncas Dei Wakan
Tuesday May 24, 2005
12:44 AM
i'm italian. i believe in wakan tanka.I sing your culture. your passion and your music is very good. all the best. bernie

Ted B
Saturday May 21, 2005
2:05 PM
Stumbled across your website while looking for native websites. Voice of an angel,from a truly beautiful woman! May all native people around the globe get rehabilitation for centurys of oppression. Greetings from Sweden,Europe!

Fabrice Paillet
Wednesday May 18, 2005
5:07 PM
Hello, I found out about your site a few weeks ago which means I found out about you then. I've just watched and especially listened to your two songs on video. It seems to me that you're about to delight our ears and soul for a while 'cause you've got what it takes to break through boundaries of cultures and musical styles and reach anyone who can feel its heart beating. Thank you for this pleasure, present and to come. With respect and sincerity, Fabrice "Reece" Paillet, a "full blooded" French man (which means probably mixed with a little bit of everything, lol...).

stefanie elk
Friday April 15, 2005
3:54 PM
You are an inspiration and I think that god blessed you with many things!!!
Mande Baga
Wednesday October 6, 2004
2:29 AM I met Star last year at an OVCDC Film/Music Academy at Tule River. I enjoyed so much working with star as she helped me create music from my heart and made me realize that is what I want to do so bad. Star is one of the greatest people I have ever met and I hope to meet others like her and know that she will touch other's hearts with her music.

Heather Bolus
Monday October 4, 2004
11:38 AM You are an amazing, powerful woman! I was so lucky to see you perform at the opening week of the NMAI, and I was blown away! The music itself is beautiful, and to pair it with a message is usually too much to ask for!! I went to buy the CD, but the person in front of me got the last one! I will buy one from this site. I am of Cherokee blood, and have 2 daughters... I want to raise them with as much Native spirit as possible in this world. I will be using your music to help do that! Thanks for all you do!! Heather

Annette Harlow
Tuesday September 28, 2004
6:30 PM
I was on the camera crew who worked the Four Directions stage at the First Americans Festival in Wash, D.C. I was the handheld camera woman on stage for a couple of your sets on Friday. I enjoyed your show very much and immediately bought your CD. What a powerful performance! Hopefully we'll be able to see you perform again. Peace. - STAR NAYEA WEB SITE


2001 "Some Where in a Dream"Star's Nayea's Freshman Debut. This five song EP was garnered a Native American Music Award for "Best Independent Recording". Three songs of this EP, soared to number one Debuting on KSFR, Arizona a triple A radio Stations in the Southwest region.

2003 "Into the Depths" Star Nayea Sophomore Release. This was a three song hot commodity Gaining Star even more attention as to what a Mainstream Native Song Writer she is.

2008 "Silenced My Tongue"
Star Nayea's first Full length CD
12 song Unplugged CD l Acoustic CD w/guts!




Native American GRAMMY Recording Artist, and Three time NAMA Winner, including Songwriter Of The Year, Best Independent Recording, Best Compilation CD. Star Nayea, is a First Nations Singer/Songwriter, National/International touring artist, recording artist, As well as a National Motivational Speaker for Youth & Teens, Health, Wellness, and Prevention Advocate, and Music Mentor.  Most importantly, Star is truly a gifted powerhouse female vocalist & performer.  Working diligently throughout her career to gain the respect of her peers!  All the while making sure she remains a positive Role Model, inspiring today's youth. As well as setting a stellar example for her own child.  In 2003 Star took a small hiatus from her National Career, to raise her child (now 18) Graduated and off to College.  As a proud single Mother Star Nayea's music career, had to take a back seat, so that she could give her son a stable life.  However through those single motherhood years; Star managed to stay as relevant possible, knowing all too soon, she would get another shot at a bona-fide career as soon as her son graduated high school.  Along the way, Star Nayea kept writing, recording, & performing as much as possible. For those musical releases, Star was garnered with the prestigious honor of a Native GRAMMY Nod, 2008 Native American "Songwriter of the Year"! "NAMA". Star Nayea was also honored with two more Music awards for her Musical releases. NEMA award for: "Mainstream Song of the Year", and "Best Blues Recording" at the inaugural NEMA Awards.

No award however, is perhaps more recognizable than her participation in receiving a NATIVE GRAMMY NOD, for Star's contribution to "Sacred Ground" On Silver Wave Record. Star Nayea Track "Mountain Song" off Sacred Ground, is the single Most requested Track says "XM satellite Radio!


As a young child, growing into a young teenager, and woman, Star Nayea was surrounded by the renown Motor City Rock n Roll Mo-Town sound. Growing up in the thick of one of the worlds most respected music capitals, would inevitably hand Star Nayea her unique and undeniable powerful, and soulful style.  Star began to tear up the stages at age 17, in Detroit, moving on to Austin, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, New Orleans, and Toronto just to name a few.


Star has had the pleasure of working with many highly accomplished National/International Native Indigenous Artists.
Robbie Robertson,Chuck Billy (Testament), Rita Coolidge, Buffy St. Marie, Ulali, Bill Miller, Indigenous, Joanne Shenandoah, Star has also served as an opener for Mainstream National acts such as the legendary Willie Nelson, Rock super Star Tommy Shaw & Super 80's rock group Styx. 80's rock acts such as Poison, Cinderella, Heart, and the equally as legendary Mickey Thomas, of Jefferson Starship.


Sundance Film Festival
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Opening Ceremonies for the 2002
Winter Olympic Games
The Diversity Awards Producers Guild of America
Dan Aykroyd's House of Blues
American Indian Film Festival
The opening NMAI National Museum of the American Indian In Washington, DC.
Milwaukee's Indian Summer Fest.
HEALEY'S, (Toronto) The Late Jeff Healey's, 
Various Indian Casino's Across US & CANADA


(360)348-3731 Ravens Last laugh Productions

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