We are a fun indie band with catchy riffs inspired by such acts as Arctic Monkeys & The Thermals, yet hold it together with the soft, melodic lyricism and sounds of Death Cab for Cutie. All this blended with a punk-rock backbone.


We're Starparty from sunny Portland, Oregon. We play medium sized independent rock and roll music for anybody who will listen. We consist of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. We refuse to use any crazy pedals or effects on our guitars or vocals. Every single song is 100% original and from the heart. Caleb and I (Raine) have been playing music together for over 5 years now. We have played with a couple drummers now and therefore, have changed our music's style as we matured and moved on with our songs. Last summer, Caleb and I decided to play our collection of songs to a drum machine through Fruity Loops. We had a lot of fun mapping out drum beats to our songs, but all we could come up with were disco beats and fills. We decided to go out and look for a drummer who was as dedicated to the music as we were. We met up with Sonia, who we had previously been friends with us through other friends and through Paul Green's School of Rock, and gave her our D.I.Y. 8track recording of our prized song, appropriately titled: 'This Better Get Better' which is currently stuck in the head of our newly recruited "Merch Girl" Ashley Lister. Although not a part of the band, she has played an important role recently in promoting our shows. A little more than a month after giving Sonia our demo, we were having regular, weekly practice. We eventually wrote 4 or 5 songs and entered ourselves into the Music In the School's High School Battle of the Bands for Portland Public Schools. We had only been playing for a little bit and were already anticipating a win for the other, more experienced bands. We made it to the top 5 bands: a jazz band, a rap band, a ska band, an synth-pop band, and us, the indie rock band. The final "Battle" was held in April and we took first place. We were incredibly shocked. After that we were presented with a slot on the local college radio station, KPSU, an article in the Willamette Week and 20 hours of recording time at Vault studio. The best part is we got a show opening at the Crystal Ballroom, a huge venue in Portland, Or. Although winning the Battle of the Bands and getting that rush of exposure was insane and incredibly fun, it's never been about getting huge and famous. Just having our songs stuck in the heads of our friends is amazing. We're always talking at practice about how we cannot wait to hop in a van and go lose our money across the coast while we tour. We now have a larger batch of songs, and are constantly weeding out the good from the bad when writing more. I know for sure that, wherever this band takes us, music will always be a part of our lives.

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Time Bomb

Written By: Starparty

She paints her face
With a brush dipped in kerosene
And sprays her neck
With bottles of liquids that smell like
A time bomb, it's fuse a blaze
A time bomb that doesn't tell time...

Quite Right!

Cigarettes smoke and ashes
Rise up to the atmosphere
The very ozone she's protecting
Now has a lot to fear
And if shes nothing but some chemicals
Held in by skin and bone
Well some day she'll have to explode...


Close your eyes
Jump and dive
The camera slows down
To half the time

Close your eyes
And plug your ears
There's nothing here
There's nothing to fear

Tick Tick Tock!

The clock goes by
Faster than she can close her eyes
And it looks like
It suddenly all went awry

Crash Crash Crash!

She split in half
And gave her strength
To another day
It was all a waste

She wished on herself
For just one sunny day
To laugh in the fields
Where she used to play

One more smile to return
One more hand she could hold
Someone to kiss
All the wounds she had grown

Instead she curled up
In the fetal position
And braced herself
For the final demolition

Of her brain and her conscious
And soul and coherence
And what she had left
Of her fading appearance

And she was drug down
Down by her knees
Down to the depths

Chorus (2x)


Written By: Starparty

Stabilizers down lets hit the ground
Gasoline and gravity surround us all
Birds part like the sea
And we start to fall

Out of consciousness and I
Realized fright won't make you
Any less likely to die
Than anything else

Cigarette light on all night
How appropriate and trite
Stars encapsulate the flight
Anyone got a light?

Captains voice on the machine
Sounds more like the ending...
To a Stars record
Than anything else


Life is not a box of chocolates
Life is like an airplane ride
And holding your breath
Won't make you survive

And the drinks are falling down
Crash positions assumed
There's nothing left
That we could do

Looking to the glow
Of electric lights
Flickering to keep up
With their average life

Patrons watched
Their fellow beings
Swiftly drift
Into the sea

And the slow motion fury
Of breathing and sighs
There was a peace in the panic
Of knowing your going to die...die...

Chorus (2x)

Canary in a Coalmine

Written By: Starparty

Imprisoned by the bind of the daily grind
We count our wages
And head inside
To sleep in our free time

And from my cage I watch you sleep
And swear that I won't catch a wink
Until your breathing drowns my singing
And then I'll watch you dream

And it's so cold our breath is white
Catching up to the smoke from the mine
In shades gray blurred in the distance
Until you cannot tell the difference



Elevators gears click as it falls
A a soundtrack to my nervous song
But I'll keep singing
As long as I'm alive

In the face behind the dirt and grime
I can tell your lonely heart is mine
And I'll keep singing
'Til the atmosphere tries to take your life


And I will
Be your canary in a coalmine
And I will sing for you
'Til I am blue

And will be your warning call
Through all, and all, and all, and all,
From the coalmine
To the coma

Working hard enough for pay
But never more for fear of strain
The tendons bruised while knowing
Every new day promises the same

And all this for the bragging right
Of mumbling "Let there be light"
And giving people hoards of power
Just so they can see at night



The children laugh from up the shaft
You hear their voices echo back
And recollect on simpler times
Before your marriage to the mine

But I can sing familiar tunes
A soundtrack to a life
You wish you could renew (3x)
But it's overdue



This Better Get Better

Written By: Starparty

It's much too late to think
Before I leap
So I leap anyway
And land where I don't wanna be

What is wrong with me?
I called you just to tell you
That the sun looks better tonight
Than any other night

But I it was just
A sad excuse to say goodnight


This better get better
get better in time
And this better rewind
and pull itself back into line

Until unraveled tape
Is strung throughout
your bedroom
where you sleep at night

I tried to shrug it off
And walk with a smile
When I found out you were lying
When you said we'd be
In like for a While

But as it turns out
You just like the Rubik's Cube
Kind of feeling
Of never being sure

(Chorus 2x)

And it keeps you up

This better get better
get better in time
And this better rewind
and pull itself back into line

Until unraveled tape
Is just an unwound ball of twine!
To tie your christmas tree down
For your christmas without me around

And I hope it falls down
And I hope it falls down
I hope it falls


Written By: Starparty

Chemicals kill bugs
Chemicals make love
Chemicals blow up
And put a nation in the rut

Chemicals make drugs
And chemicals are dumb
Chemists have to run
Sometimes when chemicals combust
All over us

Chemicals react inside
our hearts and souls, pants and minds
Our organs are their playground
Our faces their disguise

Wreaking havoc on our minds
They turn and churn
And tantalize what we used to call
Our own lives


If we wrote the chemystery
How can the chemicals kill me?
If we wrote the chemystery
How can the chemicals kill me?

Chemicals in test tubes
Solve the problems they've created
Cancers, viruses and hazardous
Amounts of radiation

Bubble forth, from below north
And take our lives, take our souls
Take our hearts, take our minds

Create a lack of creative control


Chemicals make DNA
It's A with T
And G with C
Well where's the Adam?
Where's the Eve?
Where's the lack
Of the repeating act?
It seems to me
We're all the same
A code of sorts
With a lustrous sheen
Underneath, are we beings or?
Are we? are we?

(Chorus 2x)


We only have our self-produced 8 track demos, and the recordings from our radio show up on our myspace. We have yet to release/record anything professionally, but we hope to have a full album in the next few months.

Set List

Set List (Originals):
How We Do
This Better Get Better
Toy Box
Canary in a Coalmine
Cute Names for Dangerous Things

Our Covers:
Pillar of Salt (The Thermals)
Sink, Florida, Sink (Against Me!)
Big Dipper (Built to Spill)