Starrfadu is a melodic, indie, folk/rock band based out of Springfield, Missouri. Their music has been used by Kleenex, PBS, Pepsi, LookALike Productions and XM Satellite to name a few. The band is courteous, professional and fun to hang out with, and have played to crowds of 6 to 80,000+.


Starrfadu was started by Singer/Songwriter, Austin Hartley. Joined primarily by Brian Moody (drums) and Dave Martin (bass), the three have been playing their melodic, thought-provoking Indie Rock together for over seven years and have kept an extremely low profile within their hometown of Springfield, Missouri. Though the band prefers playing in intimate coffeehouses, they have also played to crowds of 80,000+. In 2007 they achieved international success when their single "Let It Out" fronted the music to a global Kleenex ad campaign that aired until the end of 2009. Taking a 'self-second' attitude with them wherever they go, they've made (and are making) positive relationships with the people they meet and work with.


"The Joys in Feeling Sorry for Yourself" (EP) - 2002
"Nowhere" (Digital Single) - 2002
"A Narrow Road to Silence" (CD) - 2005
"Let It Out" (Single)" - 2007
"And Yes... Our Thoughts Were Elsewhere" (CD) - 2007
"Let It Out (Olympic Version)" (Digital Single) - 2008
"Nowhere (acoustic version)" (Digital Single) - 2008
"Teller Girl (acoustic version)" (Digital Single) - 2008