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Arielle Dominique

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo R&B Pop


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"Arielle Dominique Press Releases"

Arielle Dominique
Independent R&B/Pop Singer/Songwriter, Arielle Dominique, Releases
Sophomore EP 25 A.D.
8 Songs / Digital Album
Online Release Date: July 1, 2014
Twitter: @ariellebmusic IG: @starringarielle
Lafayette (June 22, 2014) – Independent singer/songwriter, Arielle Dominique, is thrilled to
announce the release of her sophomore EP, 25 A.D., available for digital purchase on July 1,
2014 on iTunes, Amazon, and other major online distributors.
25 A.D. showcases bold, sexy, fun, and mature lyrics from the 25 year-old songstress. Strong
vocals, catchy music, and quality production will have you addicted. With 25 A.D., Arielle
showcases her writing and singing abilities. Arielle says, “I wanted to create music that painted
a picture of a strong, modern young-woman with a clear voice, free mind, and free will. I wanted
to remind people that what makes a woman sexy is her balance of soft and strong. So, the
music is a reflection of that balance – vocally bolder than my LP, Day One, but just as special.”
After the positive response of the first album, Day One, where Arielle proved she can write
many styles of music from techno to acoustic to dance, she was ready to debut a sound that
reflected the truest extension of herself right now – bolder, edgier, and more focused than ever.
“I am a young woman who loves, hurts, laughs, and plays, and my music reflects that fresh
energy and evolving maturity. I am excited that people will hear me in a whole different light.”
The album features artists, Ross Pirelli, mega chart-topping songwriter/producer, and Humble
Jow, writer/producer/rapper.
Arielle was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she was the winner of the 2013
Summer Jam Show. See her perform July 19, 2014 at Girls & Guys Rock Louisiana Award
Ceremony and July 31, 2014 at The Brassroom in Lafayette, LA.
Contact: or Margo McZeal PR - OO8 Magazine

"Arielle Dominique"

Arielle Dominique
25 A.D.
Song Descriptions by Arielle Dominique
Songwriting: Arielle Dominique for Starry Eyed Musik LLC (BMI)
1. Guilty Produced by JuiceManBeatz
“Guilty” started out as a feature verse but the idea kept nagging at me to write a full song around the
concept of guilt and where it lies when a relationship goes sour and why. The bass, piano, and drum kicks
are as strong as the message in this song, which is that guilt can be obvious or hidden, called for or not.
Such a universal feeling to apologize to someone you hurt even though you know that they too are guilty
for doing the exact thing you did. A juicy listen!
2. Easy Produced by FlashbackBeats
This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the EP. “Easy” is such an extension of my soul and I am
proud of the vocals in this song. It is a simple message of ease and comfort in your relationship, one that
may sneak up in your life when you do not expect it– a feeling that you want to protect because it is so
special. I have listened to “Easy” on repeat on several days. It reminds me of the songs that I used to
listen to when I’d put my R&B mix on and just lay in bed in the dark, “vibing” haha.
3. Heels On (Remix) Produced by Vazjah; Ft. co-writer Ross Pirelli for Sound Room Studios (BMI)
So I was just a little concerned that the content would cause too many gasps my way...HA! So to know
that people liked it and some even wanted a remix, surprised me but relieved me. I asked Ross to get on
the track and it was funny because we had to tone it down at first just to maintain the vibe of the song
haha, but it turned out great. It’s a very sensual song and boost of confidence.
4. Shockwave Produced by NiceGuyBeats
“Shockwave” is also one of my favorites that I listen to and dance to on repeat. This song is flirty and
bold. It talks about the honesty and clarity that happens between two people after their walls fall down just
like the settling of dust after a shockwave crumbles the earth. The metaphor is that of seeing behind a
person’s screen during a most vulnerable experience. It is seductively metaphoric, so-to-speak.
5. Ride Produced by Electropop Beats
“Ride” is playful and energetic and addicting. I love this song because it approaches the bubblegum pop
line without coming too close. This song started out as a much more simple song, but after rewriting,
these fun metaphors came to mind. The second verse was so fun to write and sing. “Swim through dark
waters for you/ Bayou” – my favorite lines. Ross P. did some awesome added production on this track so
that ending you hear with strings and piano was not originally there but created out of a stroke of genius
in the moment.
6. Penthouse Ft. co-writer: Humble Jow (ASCAP)
“Penthouse” was one of the first songs completed just for this EP. The track and vocals are haunting. I
love that “Penthouse” is all about putting the higher value on being in a real, honest, loving relationship
and not just physical tokens of affection. Humble got on the track and wrote to it almost immediately. We
were “thinktanking” one day, I played it, and he just starts free-styling these genius lyrics. Amazing!
7. Dreams Produced by Moneymakaz
On every project I do, I want there to be a song that speaks to the dreamers, the creative minds, and this
sample was irresistible! “Dreams” is not about wanting to be famous. It is about being brave enough to be
yourself and chasing the dreams that otherwise chase you. Without dreams and aspirations, I think we
would all be hollow shells – just offended by our own existence.
8. Baddie (Bounce Remix by DJ Redd504) Produced by JimmyDukesBeats
This bounce remix of “Baddie,” which appeared on Day One, is for the bounce in all of us! I love it! - The McZeal Project

"Exclusive Interview"

1. When did you get started as a Pop/R&B singer and what is your training? Did you take lessons? Go to school? Self taught/talent?

I grew up in the church…many churches actually lol so I always sang in church – shyly, and it’s what my mother listened to on the way to school every morning. I was in church choir, school performance choir (Go Lafayette High Lions!), voice and piano lessons, and I also just practiced and mimicked great singers until I figured out the technique somehow. A friend and I started a group in the fourth grade, “Sugar and Spice (I was Spice), and we wrote our songs and recorded on cassettes – sold them for a dollar in school! Once I became an adult, I realized that I needed to learn even better technique so I continue learning. I started singing Pop as soon as I heard Whitney Houston, though.

2. Who are some of your favorite artists that you pull inspiration from?

I remember always loving Brandy’s raspy voice. I love Beyonce’s boldness these days, all of the 90s and 2000s R&B girl and guy groups, and the R&B divas from back when. I loved listening to Mya, Aaliyah, Monica, Yolanda Adams, and Mariah Carey. I also absolutely loved my Ginuwine, Tyrese, etc. I wouldn’t say that I pull inspiration from these artists however. Writing happens so suddenly and organically for me to be able to even think about pulling from another artist and it comes from the beat lots of time as well. The beat and your soul tells you what needs to be written – well for me.

3. Tell me about growing up in Lafayette. How did the music scene here impact your career path? Who are some of your favorite local artists if any?

People here like to move and we love generational music! We also want our music to represent us and speak to our experience – good or bad. I used to intern for Performing Arts Society of Acadiana and also worked as an usher for the Heymann Center, so I knew the acts that came to town and was able to see them and be a part of it. Performing at Festivale Internationale is one of my goals – and singing the National Anthem at a ULL game!

I love Cupid, of course! I heard him on a cruise and was excited because I thought, “Wow, Lafayette really made it.” I think local music influenced me the most in making me remember to always stay true to what makes me feel good inside – regardless of the genre I’m writing. I still want my own sound as an artist to be pop and R&B, though, which makes for a more difficult entry into our local music market but I hope that is what will help me stand out. I would love to do more collaborations with other local artists/writers. After winning Summer Jam 2013, a talent show here in Lafayette, I met so many amazing talents and got to work in the studio with Lady Kym. I’m also performing in Girls and Guys Rock Louisiana this summer, produced by Margo McZeal, also from “Laffy”.

4. What is the Lafayette Open Channel and how did you end up on the show Threshold? How was that experience? Who did you work with?

Lafayette’s Acadiana Open Channel is a local TV station that provides local programming, educational workshops on media production, and space and opportunity for locals to produce and tape their own shows. Threshold is a live-taped show for local, unsigned independent artists to perform their original music. Friederike Hass invited me to perform and I was excited but nervous. Any mistake would be seen on live television and it was my first time doing anything like that. I also was not sure how people would respond to me just singing with music tracks because many artists go on with a band – though that would have been nice, I still got into my zone. I worked with the entire amazing crew to shoot the promo and the show. Friends and family came out too, so I felt even more pressure to not bomb it!

5. Tell me about your first album. How long did it take, when and where was it released, and when do you plan to do another one?

Oh boy, it felt like it took way longer than necessary. was totally green when I started recording and now, I go in and know how to get it done. The first album was a personal dare. I put on my bucket list that I would record a song in a studio…one song! I had over 60 songs sitting around, though, and as I started playing with tracks, I realized that a story was there. I wrote most of the songs as I developed the album, even though I had so many already. The product was, Day One, which explores love from the beginning, through the ups and downs, to the forever-after. I wrote songs that make you remember how fun love can be even if it hurts every once-in-a-while. I love it. I recorded in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and in Lafayette. I released it on my 25th birthday, Jan. 24, 2014, and had the listening party at the Lafayette Science Museum. I think were surprised that it was not typical R&B but had techno, dance, even harmonica too. It’s currently on iTunes and Amazon. I’m beyond excited about my new music, though, because people will hear my range, get collaborations, and there will be special remixes to favorites from the first album! It should be out this summer! I don’t stop!

6. Where is your favorite music venue in Lafayette?

Angelle Hall and I have so many memories. I appreciate spots like Artmosphere and The Brass Room too and back in my ULL days, The Keg, Grant Street, and Nighttown were typical spots for good dance music or a great party. Oh the memories!

7. Where else do you perform other than the Acadiana Open Channel?

Right now, I’ve been just networking a lot, recording new music, and performing as the opportunities arrive. I will be performing in “Girls and Guys Rock Louisiana” this summer which is a HUGE deal and will be a huge career step.

8. Do you currently live in Lafayette still? Do you plan to stay around here?

I plan on doing too much traveling to stay any one place really! I wouldn’t mind retiring here because it is a great place to have a balanced life. I attended graduate school in New Orleans and live and work there and then again, I’m home so much in Lafayette because my family and sorority sisters are mostly here, as well as one of the recording studios I frequent.

9. What is your ultimate career goal?

Ultimately, I wish to be on a label one day writing for artists all over the world, perform my own music at music festivals and concerts all over the world, and for now, hear one of my songs on local radio.

Twitter: @ariellebmusic
IG: @starringarielle
Facebook: Arielle Dominique Music - 008 Magazine



25 A.D.

by Arielle Dominique

© Copyright - Starry Eyed Musik LLC / Arielle Dominique (888174876832)

Day One

by Arielle Dominique

© Copyright - Starry Eyed Musik LLC / Arielle Dominique (888174510149)



ARIELLE DOMINIQUE - Singer/Songwriter -

Arielle Dominique gives R&B a fresh, smooth sound, mixed with soul, fun, and femininity. I'm the product of a preaching, singing, book-writing, songwriting, silly mom and a harmonica-playing, singing, out-fishing, ought-to-be preacher 80-something year old dad. My parents are 16 years apart, talk about religion and politics at the dinner table, but gratefully raised me mostly listening to gospel and country music. So there's that summary. 

​How'd I start writing songs? Well, I have been in love with writing songs since I could remember learning poetry in about 2nd grade. I used to publish my poems and I won several writing competitions. Music came in the mix one day when I just caught I melody in my head and had to get it out on paper and I just never stopped writing. I do think that I stopped dreaming about  music as a career, though, until I was in my early 20s and realized that it was the only thing I wanted to do when choosing that dreaded career path. I figured that I shouldn't quit music ever ever, so here I am. 

Within a year of winning the 2013 Summer Jam Competition in Lafayette, Louisiana and gaining the attention of a director of artist & publisher relations at BMI Inc., Byron Wright, I debuted my first self-written project, Day One, a 16-song EP. I released the follow-up, 25 A.D, and 25 A.D. Remixed, projects with a more Pop/regional mix of music. For my first couple of projects, I really wanted people to know that I could write to anything, but now, I feel like I have a solid connection to my Self and I want to just chill on trying to do too much and focus. That's how I determined I'd release "BETTER" - just focusing. I' worked with TBlack the Hitmaker (Louisiana, Atlanta, Houston), Pastor Chuck Mystro (New Orleans, LA), and Brian Worick (Lafayette, LA) on songs for this project and although I have so much growing to do, I'm in a happy place listening to these songs.

I write about love, life, loss, laughter, the club... whatever I feel and get inspired by. Lately, I've found a sound for me that is my own and that will bring together the pieces of me - gospel, 90s R&B, soul, and ambient music - at least we will see!

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