West Hills, California, USA

A mix of world pop/electronic music that has a sound of its own. fun, dance music with a rave feel.


Starrset is something out of the ordinary. It’s where THRASH, WORLD POP and CLUB meet. The two members of Starrset, Maverick McFly and Devon True, are brothers. They create anything that sounds different and fresh…Hailing from Los Angeles these two forces of nature like to make ear candy for all their fans across the globe. They have worked with some of the biggest names in this galaxy such as Veneno from Star Trak Entertainment, Tony Williams from G.O.O.D Music , Katya Santos, apl de ap of the Black eyed peas and many more. Devon True is the front man and the face of Starrset, with his outer mind lyrics he is destined for greatness. At 18 years of age he writes and produces for other acts as well as for himself. His older counterpart Maverick McFly has only been producing for 2 years and has already placed tracks for national radio shows, international superstars and club remixes. This self taught phenom is only getting better as their official album is drawing near. With a reality show just about wrapped and a worldwide tour scheduled for 2010 this is a big leap since their humbled beginnings starting in a garage 2 and a half years ago. Starrset has created a massive fan base around the world and has a sound never heard before. Together they are unstoppable and this is only a taste of things to come.


An EP is being released in june 2010. radio play in Canada and a single being released in Sweden in summer 2010.

Set List

The set list is anywhere from 35 to 45 mins. The song list varies each event.
(not exact order)
I Got it
My Face
driving you crazy
I like your face