Stars After The Storm

Stars After The Storm


Stars After the Storm is Power Pop Quartet from La Crosse Wisconsin. They have recently released their debut EP "Determination." Stars After the Storm Packs a punch with great melodies and rhythm. Be sure to book them for their summer tour Which will kick off in late spring.


Musical fads come and go, but great songs last forever. In 2006 Brandon Lawrence found himself in a scene where everybody was changing styles to copy whatever the trend was that week. Fed up with playing in Post-Genre/Hyphen-Core bands, Brandon stared Stars After The Storm. Originally, it began as solo project, but soon turned into a full blown rock band. In early 2007 Stars After The Storm took to the stage, playing many shows throughout the Midwest. The line-up would see several changes in this first year, finally, solidifying in early 2008 with the addition of Luke Abrams on vocals, Jaime Pelaez on drums, and Kyle Hauser on bass.

The band's first single, "Break Me In", was released in March of 2008. It was distributed on a compilation, and as a free download online. Stars After The Storm's 2008 show schedule continued heating up, as the band began to scout studios to record it's debut EP. Eventually, Stars After The Storm chose Megatone Studios in Madison, WI, and spent the majority of the fall in the studio recording with Paul Schluter at the mixing board. December 4th brought the band it's first radio play on La Crosse, WI's own 95.7 The Rock, and Stars After The Storm's debut EP, "Determintaion" was released the following day to a large hometown crowd at the Warehouse.

The band is already preparing for a busy 2009, starting with a Winter tour in January. Stars After The Storm will be the band to keep your eye on, because as their EP suggests, they are Determined to take the band as far as they possibly can.


2008 EP- Determination