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The best kept secret in music


"Stars Are Falling "How Many Eyes Have Opened""

What can I say about Stars Are Falling? Well these guys started off in Sacramento, about a year and a half ago. I got to see one of their first shows and was already thoroughly impressed. Then only a 3 piece. SInce then they have had a few member changes and added a guitarist, lets just say WOW. Though their newest CD "How Many Eyes Have Opened" does not feature the new guitarist it is still an awesome CD. How much radder (yes I said radder) would this CD be with the deeper, more full sound of 2 guitarists. These guys have come along way since their conception.

This CD has some what of a Zao-esk vibe to it, mixed in with a little good ole Hopesfall. Each track throws in a new element to be enjoyed. In my opinion you can't go wrong with that. One of my favorite tracks on the album is track 2 "Eva". It starts off slow and builds up into an intense screamfest (I just wanted to say screamfest) which breaks into the verse. That is followed by this awesome breakdownish part in the song, it makes me want to flail my fists and feet around in a rhythmic motion, unfortunately doing that in my car could be dangerous. So I will attempt to refrain, you get the idea.

Lyrically, Johnny says "It is based around our lives experiences, goals, defeats, love, and God. pretty much everything we've carried for a lot of years will be released through this album. Music is a tool. This album will be full of all of this. The lyrics dont just come from the past, but from past, present, and future." Much of the songs are poems, because of that he says their is much more freedom in writing.

Musically this CD is beautiful. THere is such a diverse mixture of melodies and intensity it keeps you very interested. Nothing about this CD cliche as so many things in the hardcore scene has become. Stars Are Falling is a definite breathe of fresh air. Stick with these guys, if they stick with it they are going somewhere. Than you can say you were O.G, (generally means Original Gangsta, but for my purposes it means Old School).

In closing, the CD rocks my face off from Sacramento to Tuscany and back.

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"Stars are Falling "How Many Eyes Have Opened""

This cd came to me in the mail with a large sticker that said: "ANTHRAX INSIDE" so I was a little nervous. After I managed to contain myself I ripped open the package and popped in the cd. It starts with a fuzzy intro noise that suddenly reveals absolutely brutal vocals. I havent been this impressed with vocals since Haste the day or even better- the first time I heard "Ravage Ritual" by Zao. The song breaks down into what most might call: "Emo-core" or emotional rock style. The guitar riffs are melodic, meaning they sound like rain drops flying thru a crisp autumn breeze. Oh yes, kicking in at right the perfect spot is some great singing. I love the mixture of screaming and singing, and according to our latest site poll, the majority of our site visitors listen to singing/screaming blend the most. Way to give us what we want! Near the end of this song called: "Gun In Hand" is a heavy breakdown. It shows the true emotion that was obviously used to write the track.

Song two: "Eva" is heavy and insane. This guy really has talent when it comes to ripping his vocal cords to a grinding pulp for our amusement! A+, 10 out of 10 stars for his sound. You might say that Stars Are Falling's debut cd: "How many eyes have opened" has traces of Hopesfall, or better yet: Life In Your Way. They managed to get a crisp clear sounding recording, yet still maintained that raw un-adulterated underground sound. In a recent interview with, S.A.F mentioned that they will do label shopping only when they feel the time is right. I can easily see this band on Facedown Records, or even Blood and Ink. How about Torque Recording Company? Any label that get's this band should be proud. "The Hype Is Real." This Cali-Core band is Rockin. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this cd, and go catch them at a show. Were all hoping they will stop by Michigan soon!

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"Stars are Falling "How Many Eyes Have Opened""

The CD begins with lofi white noise which is followed by a mess of chaos. The vocalist really knows how to tear up his vocal chords and his scream is definitely piercing to the ears. Not too girly but not all that tough either.... just right! The guitars stay pretty melodic throughout most of the CD with occasional chaos here and there. There aren't "too much" melodic vocals and the singer doesn't sound like a whining five year old. So, all the "emo-haters" should be satisfied. Track three is probably my favorite due to the loads of emotion heard towards the end. Never knew that hardcore could be pretty? Well, Stars Are Falling proves that it can.

The lyrics on this CD are well-written as well. They are nothing that original but are definitely well thought out and real (for lack of a better word). It's the kind of lyrics that almost make you feel bad for the guy. You just want to find the girl that broke his heart and tell her to make it better. These lyrics aren't so sorrowful that some brutal images can't be seen though. In fact, at points they feel pretty darn violent. For example on the song, "Born Unto Ashes" through the screamy mess you can hear the vocalist proclaiming, "Broken stained glass cuts through your wrist for my heart. My eyes drop to see the blood drip down your arm. My heart can't take it." I don't know about you but it places an image in my thoughts that isn't exactly "beautiful."

Overall, this CD is very good and although it's nothing extremely original, it is definitely worth purchasing.The one complaint that I do have is the lack of breakdowns and the breakdowns that the CD does have are very weak. That's a pretty lousy complaint seeing as not all hardcore bands need breakdowns but I just think that it would add alot more to their sound. In the end, Stars Are Falling fit into the melodic hardcore scene very well and I would highly recommend this CD to fans of Dead Poetic, Beauty To Ashes, Boywunder, and maybe even Zao. Stars Are Falling aren't exactly treading new waters but honestly... who cares? When you are this good, does it really matter?

Overall Rating: A-
Review written by: Ryan Fairfield
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Stars are Falling Demo - Feb 2003
"How Many Eyes Have Opened" - Debut Album Released Nov.1st 2003
- Tracks "Eva" "Like a Wound to My Throat, You Will Never Be the Same" and "776" receive constant airplay on Sacramento Stations KWOD (106.5) and KRXQ (98.5) during their local spotlight shows.
- Video for "Eva" from the "How Many Eyes Have Opened" CD release show, has received massive downloads since its realease on Jan. 1st 2004 at


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Nothing about this band is cliche as so many things in the hardcore scene have become. Stars Are Falling is a definite breathe of fresh air.”-

“I haven’t been this impressed with vocals since the first time I heard "Ravage Ritual" by Zao. 'The Hype Is Real.' This band is Rockin. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this cd, and go catch them at a show.” -

“I give it an A”- The Wake magazine

Stars are Falling is a 5-piece hardcore band out of Sacramento, CA. Their music and energetic performances have stirred things up everywhere they've played, and they are proving to be one of the best bands on the rise. With two west coast tours completed, a self released full length CD, countless shows with nationally known bands, and a national tour scheduled for summer '04, Stars are Falling has a work ethic even the most popular bands have to admire.

Although Stars has not yet toured nationally, their assault on the internet has built nationwide repoir. Through and they have sold their album, "How Many Eyes Have Opened" in nearly all fifty states, as well as in many countries worldwide. Sales on have ranked the album at 123, just six spots below As I Lay Dying's newest release "Frail Words Collapse," earning Stars a spot in the sites featured artist section.

The band's hard work has also been recognized by many webzines and scene based sites. The album has been regarded by Hardcore Christian Michigan as one of the Best Picks of 2003, and by the Hard Rock Network ( as part of their "What You Need Volume 4." Stars are Falling has recently added to their assault an ever growing street team, currently with just under 50 members. Their goal is to gain a decent nationwide following before they hit the road for their summer '04 national tour. After the summer tour, Stars plans to record their second full length and release it in early November '04. All in all, there is on thing that this band has made abundantly clear - they will not be ignored.