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"'Stars fell on' returns to Blacksburg"

As another St. Patrick’s Day rolls on by in the usual haze of half-memories and temporary Irish heritage, we’re all reminded just how great it is to be in college. Hordes of students clogged downtown Blacksburg to get what several area vendors served up in tall glasses of local music.

Emerging from a nearly year-long disappearing act, local favorites Stars Fell On exploded back into the music scene to celebrate the release of their brand spanking new self-titled EP.

Besides competing in a Battle of the Bands at Top of the Stairs last semester, Justin Padgett (vocals), Mike Murray (vocals/guitar), Anthony Harika (guitar), Casey Rafter (bass) and Dan Kehler (drums) haven’t played Blacksburg lately. But don’t think they’ve just been lying face down in a drained pool somewhere. Somehow finding time between school and drunken debauchery, these guys have managed to slide across the East Coast in two different tours and record an album.

Although the gentlemen of Stars Fell On run their own traveling musical circus, they recently earned the opportunity to perform at a professional level on the Taste of Chaos Tour. Through fan support guitar talent, they were asked to join the likes of national punk powerhouses Funeral for a Friend and Atreyu to rock out Virginia Beach this month. In an effort to build a platform for budding artists, did just that and invited the boys and several other promising bands from across the country to play in front of thousands of crowd-surfing fans on the tour.

“We learned so much from all of the other bands that played,� said drummer Kehler. “They taught us everything from the best way to sell merch to booking better shows to better crowd control. The greatest part was that there weren’t even any egos to deal with — all of the bands were so friendly. The whole thing was insane.�

I caught a show of theirs over a year ago, and though we haven’t seen them in over a year, it seems the quality of their performance has increased more than gas prices. The last few months have definitely defined who they are today. However, even though they’ve been in the national spotlight now, each band member agrees that Blacksburg is the place to play.

“I’d so much rather play a show in Blacksburg,� said lead singer Padgett. “It’s so rewarding to watch all our friends come out and not only sing, but know every word of our songs. I just hope Blacksburg as a whole will keep showing local artists the same support they’ve shown us.�

Other than a solitary cast change, the group has been playing the ‘burg for nearly three years now. Nevertheless, they played their St. Patty’s Day release show like it was their first and last opportunity to jam. Celebrating life and all that it is to be young, they manned the stage as eager fans chanted the band’s name. Dragging the microphone around the stage like it was someone who owed him money, Padgett wailed the lyrics of Stars’ new EP in and out, leaning precariously over the crowd.

Hard riffs and provocative lyrics fishnet the disc’s too-cool-for-school attitude in a rhythmic overload of piercing crescendos, but it’s the band’s charismatic stage performance that really seals the deal. Murray’s back-up vocals are so tightly knit that immediate radio playability isn’t out of the question. As he stood with his foot on a speaker, female fans tore at his jeans with obvious intentions.

A hundred powdered faces wearing thin laces screamed in empathy. Guys tilted glasses and held them in the air triumphantly while banging their heads up and down. The faint haze of camera flashes burned in my eyes until well after the night / morning was over.

“The show was absolutely amazing,� said fan Andy Fitch. “Probably the best one I’ve seen in Blacksburg.� Buying tickets to bloated venues in big cities is always great, but there’s nothing quite like witnessing a band mature within this little mountain grotto of ours.

If you weren’t among the elite 400 or so socialites bang their heads last Friday, take the opportunity to see Stars Fell On at Attitudes this weekend. You won’t be sorry. You can also catch a free listen at - Collegiate Times

""Yesterday" Song Review"

"Have to say upfront, this is one of the best sounding tracks I have heard in some time! Congrats! There is a strong creation of mood/feel here. Strong vocals, and a solid sense of structure as well...I did like the way that you set up and released the hooks, and they are memorable...Keep up the great work!"

-Good music in verses
-Good music in choruses
-Well written structure
-Good sectional contrast
-Strong and engaging vocals - Taxi A&R Company

""Best of Blacksburg 2006""

Annual "Best of Blacksburg" Awards - The Collegiate Times


Stars Fell On - Self Titled EP (2006)

Track Listing:
1. Yesterday
2. P.S. I Wrote This For You
3. Photo Montage
4. Spelled With U



Stars Fell On is an in-your-face rock band based in Blacksburg, VA. Every member of Stars Fell On has been playing music from an early age, giving the band a strong musical background as well as a long list of constantly changing influences including Unwritten Law, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Foo Fighters, Brand New, The Deftones, Story of the Year, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy and many others.

They have been blowing away audiences since the spring of 2003 and have shared the stage with hundreds of incredible artists including Reel Big Fish, Phantom Planet, Matt Nathanson and Jimmie's Chicken Shack in addition to winning a spot on 2006's Taste of Chaos Tour with The Deftones, Thrice, Story of The Year and many other bands.

The band has undergone a few member changes/additions since the beginning, and their sound has developed into something much greater than the original vision of the band. With the addition of Mike Murray (guitar/vocals), Casey Rafter (Bass) and Anthony Harika (guitar) to original members Justin Padgett (Lead Vocals) and Dan Kehler (drums), the band has matured and strengthened both in sound and style. With heart-felt, thought provoking lyrics, powerful pop-punk rhythms and fiery guitar and vocal harmonies, Stars Fell On manages to seamlessly incorporate modern driving guitar rock with delicate melodies creating music that is dynamically unique, passionate and universally-appealing.

When asked about the name of the band, the guys in Stars Fell On don't seem too concerned about the connotation of the title. They know what really matters is the music and that's what they care about. Since the group's formation the band has managed to juggle college classes and jobs in addition to the band itself. Songwriter Mike Murray devotes every ounce of his spare time to writing and perfecting dozens of songs. In late 2005, the band went into the studio to record their first high-quality demo. Stars Fell On released their self-titled EP in March of 2006, and have since received great response from music fans young and old alike. By relentlessly self-promoting themselves and booking every show they can get their hands on, the band's fan base is growing rapidly and they have plans of taking the music industry by storm. The band takes their music seriously and wants the world to do the same. Take a listen for yourself and you'll see why Stars Fell On is more than just your average rock band.

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