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Lyrical flow chemists, with a conisous message


It all started as a dream for Jimmy SkyWalker (Christian Dicks) and Chris Awesome (Christopher Dicks) but it slowly became a reality. Growing up writing was always something that came naturally for the two brothers who started off writing poems and fictional stories. As time went on and they grew older writing raps here in there being a Storyteller was a way for them to escape and talk about the things that mattered the most to them. Hip Hop and many other genres of music were always being played in there household and it wasn't long before they realized their love for music. It wasn't long after that they picked up the pen and pad and started their journey towards becoming lyricist. Chris Awesome realized this dream aat 13 and started really becoming a student of Hip Hop and Jimmy Skywalker always being a fan soon followed and the ground work for what is today began.With the soul driving force being that there wasn't really strong Hip-Hop scene in their hometown Of Cincinnati, Ohio so their mission became developing a sound that would be original and be the voice for the Nati. So in High School they teamed up with a friend and formed a group and they became hungry as ever to prove that Cincinnati had dope underground sound and could be taken seriously in the industry. But with graduating High School and starting college they soon broke, In the next year the two brothers Jimmy Skywalker and Chris Awesome would go on their own journey's to find themselves musically. Both recording alot for different songs releasing them on facebook to a very good response until they recorded a song together which was an instant hit. This gave them the idea to join forces and thus STARSHIP was formed. Later on in the year of 2011 the were signed to En-View Media and they started work on their first studio release titling it SEE THE FUTURE letting the world know that they are here to stay and provide the world with a fly sound that is unique and never before heard to show that they want to be taken serious as true lyricist and show the industry Cincinnati can be taking seriously in the Hip Hop Industry.