Best described as a knock down, drag out, dirty, original American rock and roll band.



Our OLD "Bio" was eloquently well written and cashed in on a ton of fifty cent words. To be totally honest it read a lot like the script to a cheesy infomercial.

We are NOT infomercial material. We're a filthy, knock down, drag out, dirty American rock band. We like to fornicate with woman, we drink too much, we goto church sometimes to repent, and we ALWAYS bring the passion when we play.

StarSkream has kris crossed the country spreading debauchery and good old fashioned musicianship where ever we go. Our drummer hits like a Mack truck, and has metronome-like accuracy. (his name is Steve Zegray)

Our bass player (named Patric Brennan) listens to way to much Radio Head and used to be in a ska band. He's a sick musician and we're lucky to have him.

Our lead guitarist (King Sam) is simply stellar and with his Marshall full stack and Gibson collection melts the paint off walls anywhere cool enough to book us. He over dosed on Guns N' Roses as a kid and is way too good to be in a touring band without a major label recording contract. (not so subtle hint, dear reader)

My name is Vex X and I sing in this modern day band of pirates and musicians. We sounded a lot like Velvet Revolver before they technically existed, and aren't going to stop chasing our collective dreams until one of us turns up in a body bag.

If you like to actually rock out with your cock out, if you appreciate guitar solos, and can enjoy an actual show while listening to music then we are right up your alley. If you don't, please get off of my website. :)

I heard the backstreet boys are on tour again this year, so go get some tickets. LOL!

All in all, we're the real deal. We have all the tattoos, we've done all the drugs, we've been with all the girls, and we are gear snobs to boot. We've been kicking around this country bringing the rock for almost a solid decade in one incarnation or another and would love to meet you at one of our many many tour dates.

--Thanks for reading, and try to stay original dear reader.


We currently have a 4 song EP entitled "Nothing To Save". We are in the studio now working with Chuck Treece on a full length cd.

All 4 of the EP tracks are available on our website:

We also have a new advance song called "Over" which is available @:

Set List

We perform 10 songs for 50 minutes.
We have all original material and do not perform covers.