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"Various CDs covering 1984 to 2004"

I first saw Act in 1985 and while watching them, thought, "This is the best band I have ever seen". In the mid-eighties, while most punk bands were caught in the hardcore/thrash craze (mine included), Act owed more (musically) to the older bands like The Stranglers, Adverts, and Alternative TV, than the current bands like Discharge, Crass, or the Dead Kennedys. Act had the energy and anger of a punk band but they also had tunes, melodies, variety in tempo and style, and a sociopolitical conscious and they had Cal Crilly.
Cal, the impetus behind Act and the later bands, is an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter who is destined to exist in obscurity. His distinctive voice, chugga chugga guitar playing, and persistent gigging have made him an institution in Brisbane.
These CDs are a combination of demo tapes, live recordings, and studio recordings. If you have ever wondered what punk is about, then this is it. There is no fashion sense, no image, no record contract or world tours, just fervour and an abundance of musical and lyrical ideas. This is the true sound of the underground, bands that have no interest in being popstars or idols. The CDs are packed with anecdotes, information and graphics about the bands, the world, social injustice, conspiracies, and whatever else is on the band members' minds.
When I think about my favourite songs, I realise they are not all 'classics', or even the product of 'name' bands, most of the songs are from obscure bands, like these . Road Religion, Napalm (Sticks to Kids), Welcome to the Church and One Sunday Afternoon are songs worthy of a greater audience than they will ever receive, they are songs you should hear, and now you can.
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Starsludge have two demo's:

1) A Meeting To Prove Nothing; and
2) This Loud.



Starsludge is a garage/punk/pop four-piece originals band from Brisbane, Australia. Forming in 2006 Starsludge grew out of the fertile socially-conscience punk fields of previous projects - Alien Virus, Escape from Toytown and Acid World. Armed with a bag full of personally and socially emotive material, Cal, Doug and Troy (Alien Virus) decided to focus on melody and textured rhythms whilst retaining the warm, bassy tones and notorious "chugga-chugga" guitar canvas of previous projects. Sally was recruited on drums and Starsludge was birthed.

Constantly trying to balance the raw, edgy, spontaneous energy of punk and garage rock with the more carefully considered melodic arrangements and tender underbelly of pop rock, the Starsludge sound is to be found somewhere in between.