Stars Of Boulevard

Stars Of Boulevard


It's not your average rock n roll quartet... Stars of Boulevard's a way of life. A loud, high energy, in your face, living like every moment's your last type of life.


It was a story of chance and fate, and rock & roll. When two rival Vancouver bands dismantled, the story of SOB began. Josh had been a stones throw away from signing a record contract with a major label when his previous band broke up. Ken and Johnny met Josh at a Killers after party and would later meet again sharing a stage at Warped Tour. Steven Carol joined in April of this year. This isn't their hobby, it's a way of life. (EP drums were done by S.O.B.'s ex-drummer)

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Stars Of Boulevard EP - 2009 (to be released)
The Ruby Skies EP - 2009 (to be released)

Set List

Depending on the show - 45 min to an hour+