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Stars Of Boulevard


Stars Of Boulevard is a 4-piece Rock N Roll band out of Vancouver, Canada. SOB is many things to those who have discovered it. It's raw and it's free. They write songs of adventure, social consciousness, songs of loss, love, good and bad. for more tour dates & info.


Stars of Boulevard is composed of members of three formerly "enemy" Vancouver bands. Formed in the summer of 2008. SOB signed on with RockGamer Studios to release several tracks on the smash hit video game Rock Band, including “Limousine”. As of March 3rd 2010, the RockBandNetwork Store is up and running, and Limousine is doing great sales with a lot of positive YouTube fan support.

In early November of 2009, they went into Mushroom Studios to record a single with world-class production duo Jeff Dawson & Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Metallica). The song is called "You Can Take The Money". The mix was done at the legendary Warehouse studios.

A band knows they're making solid progress and generating some buzz when they're invited by the manager of a multi-platinum selling rock band, Disturbed, to represent Canada at Rock Saga Festival in Negril, Jamaica. The all expenses paid gig was for May of 2010, with Stars of Boulevard headlining the main stage on the beach, but the festival was postponed to 2011 citing the island's gang vs. authority war that's claimed the lives of civilians and soldiers. Another positive indicator came following their show at Whistler's Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival when Stars Of Boulevard was offered a three album record deal. The label execs and the band shared similar visions and got along well, but upon submitting a non-negotiable contract to the band, and after review by SOB's lawyers, the band respectfully declined the offer.

Out of over 400 bands and singer/songwriters, SOB's made the Top 3 in 2010's Fox Seeds contest. Some notable Top 3 bands from previous years have been Nickelback, State of Shock and Art of Dying. On August 27th, Stars of Boulevard will play the Commodore Ballroom and will aim their sights on the coveted "Platinum Award".

Stars of Boulevard is Josh Helgason Abel(Vocals), Ken Abbey (Guitar), Johnny Kaye (Bass) & Matty Carolei (Drums).


You Can Take The Money

Written By: Stars Of Boulevard

She said the side of the hill is where our lives are lived
You best believe I’m a climber, yet I’m never wasting this
I see the summit coming, yes I see the clouds above me, I’m already complete
This waterfall is casting, a rainbow into nothing, it’s everything to me

You can take the money, ride on down the river, living in a fantasy
You might wake up in a nightmare and wonder how you got there,
You were supposed to live the dream

She left her clothes in a pile and told me this is natural
True blue eyes, soft skin, day dreamer with a wild thing soul
She led me through her meadow far into her warm and mellow,
I never knew how to leave
A de-ja-vu and then ah, another de-ja-vu its my favorite place to be

The only real success removes the emptiness
She asked me does my path lead me to happiness, I said


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