Stars of the City

Stars of the City


After an explosive set at SXSW 04 Stars of the City have been the target of much A&R interest from both major and independent labels alike. The Irish four piece, with their guitar driven sound and infectious vocal melodies have been hotly tipped by the Irish music press as one to watch in 2005.


Stars of the City formed in early 2004 and quickly began writing
songs with a punchy pop-rock edge. The band, Mark Austin (vocals, guitar), Brian Carroll (guitar), Tom Cosgrave (bass guitar) and Shane Kinsella (drums) clicked immediately and spent several months rehearsing and fine-tuning their sound before they started to perform to positive reviews in venues across Dublin.

As the band’s live reputation developed over the last two years, they started to tour Ireland, playing high profile supports and headline dates in venues around the country. Recording material constantly, the band has just started to demo some new songs which have already received positive feedback from labels and fans alike.

Stars of the City were selected to perform at SXSW 2004 on the strength of new material and took this opportunity to stop off in New York and LA along the way to get a feel for U.S audiences and to see how they would respond to their sound. Having always felt at home with American audiences the band succeeded in picking up quite a few new fans along the way.

Stars of the City have most recently kept a low profile, concentrating on writing new material. They played numerous small supports to test out the new songs and turned out a memorable performance at the 2004 Hard Working Class Heroes festival alongside fellow Irish bands such The Frames, Bell X1 and Damien Rice.

Having been invited stateside to play last years NEMO and CMJ events, the band
decided instead to stay at home to complete writing and recording. They have just finished recording with Ciaran Bradshaw (Muse, Future Kings Of Spain) at ex
crowded house bassist Nick Seymours Dublin Studio and Mark Carrolans'
'Suite' studio. With a string of summer dates planned both at home and in the U.K. , along with their debut single release, Stars of the City are on the rise.

The Band have cited influences from a diverse collection of acts including :

The Smiths
Talking Heads
The Pixies



Set List

I See Your Face
Breathe Slow
The Weight
Heres to The Sun
Burn Thru'
By My Side

Current Support & Showcase Set.
Aprx 30 mins.