Stars of Track and Field

Stars of Track and Field


emotion meets instruments and their digital counterparts.


Employing machines to relay bass notes, drum sounds and samples, Portland Oregon's Stars of Track and Field deliver a hypnotic mix of deconstructed anthemic guitar rock with icy digital precision.
Stars of Track and Field's transformation from four peice indie rock to three piece digital pop is fully realized on their devastatingly beautiful EP "you came here for sunset last year." Produced alongside Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols, Eliot Smith) and Jeff Saltzman (Stephen Malkmus, Sunset Valley), the bands maturation is evident as songs soar through dense, flushed out phrasings then transition into the cool of digital beats. Highlighting the E.P with raw performances and wanderlust harmonies, Stars of Track and Field's urgent and somber lyrical sensibilities set the mood for their stunning introductory recording.
Matching their music to stunning imagery and a muted light show; a Stars of Track and Field concert transforms the stage into an installation of both art and sound. Exhaustive individual performances have helped build the bands reputation for a frenetic live show. This energy has contributed to live pairings as varied as Carissa's Wierd, The Long Winters and The Turn On's.


Stars of Track and Field / eponymous
Stars of Track and field / came here for sunset last year

Set List

No covers as of yet
Typical set lasts 45 minutes to an hour