Star Stereo-Nicolle Chirino

Star Stereo-Nicolle Chirino


Strong inspiring vocals-stirring melodies as Jonatha Brooks "Careful What You Wish For" with notes that hop onto the wings of melodic harmonies inspired by Stevie's Wonders faith for the unseen, beats like the Pretenders without pretending and a shot of Sublime's subliminal music-rock for the heart.


Born into a historic legacy of music and talent...

We begin this story starting with Nicolle & Alana's grandparents-two famous Cuban personalities who held the heart of Latin America with the "Olgy & Tony" for more than thirty years.

Their father world renowned Cuban Latin Grammy Artist Willy Chirino & their mother famed actress and singer Lissette-lead these rock stars to be avant-garde songwriters, singers and unforgettable performers.

Miami's beloved pop-rock princesses started their music career early in life after being in several bands since the prime age of twelve. At fifteen Nicolle began performing in Miami's music scene as a guitarist, singer, bassist and even a drummer. Her initial music project included a band with her four sisters "The Chirino Sisters" that gave her enough experience to decide to pursue a successful career as a soloist after almost five years of hard work in shows throughout South Florida. In 2004, Nicolle won the first Florida Grammy Showcase for independent artists. Soon after she was noticed for her ability to beautifully project her voice to fans as she stirred their souls with strong lyrics of love's beauty, life as a young woman through lucid dreams of boys and broken hearts.

Nicolle was signed to Universal Music Publishing as a songwriter placing her as one of the most coveted young singer songwriters in the digital generation. She has also lent her voice for several cartoon songs such and licensed several songs for major motion pictures.

Alana, who sexy voice resounds into your heart-not to mention that any celestial being would covet has performed with artists such as:

Presently these historically talented ladies have joined forces in their latest music project: Star Stereo. With a musical inspiration base from The Beatles, Al green, and Stevie Wonder, Beck, Maroon 5, No Doubt, Lauren Hill, The Police and Sublime these juicy sounds are proven to rock the pants off their fans.

Undoubtedly headed towards making their legacy and mark in musical history in all begins with one name: Chirino.

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