Parma, Emilia-Romagna, ITA

Star-T is a band consisting of five members. They have produced their first cd with master and covers. The original songs were composed by the lead singer, 25 years old, and drummer. Star-t is looking for a producer/manager for distribution and bookings.


STAR-T is a band composed of musicians of varying experience, born from the desire and enthusiasm of Davide Corradi ( professional drummer, multi-instrumentalist and composer ) to give birth to a project to create songs of different approach, without regard to the mode or the usual clich├ęs, fusing experience, executive ability and personality, so that the individuality of each musician mixes harmoniously with the one thing that really really matters ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... THE MUSIC!

STAR-T has produced its first fully mastered cd of original songs composed by Davide Corradi in collaboration with the lead singer Luca Buzzetti, 25 years old, Elisa Minari, bass and Back Vocals, Mirko Baistrocchi, Guitar and Back Vocals; and Marco Arfini, guitar.
A huge influence on this project was Beppe Cantarelli who is well known in musical circles in Los Angeles with such stars as QUINCY JONES, ARETHA FRANKLIN, MICHAEL JACKSON,? JOE COCKER, LAURA BRANIGAN, JAMES INGRAM, PATTI AUSTIN, ?AMII STEWART, PHIL PERRY, BONNIE TYLER, BRENDA K. STARR, ?LEATA GALLOWAY as well as many in Italy.

The songs on this cd drew inspiration from personal relationships past and present that went astray; from memories both good and bad of every-day experiences.

It was important for STAR-T to create original, individualistic music and not just do a remake of someone else's hard work. At the same time, it was important for the band members to have fun creating and playing their version of how the music should sound and what the lyrics should say.



01 - Save Me
02 - Starlight
03 - Talking To The Stars
04 - Good By You
05 - How Could It Be?
06 - Like A Demon
07 - Alone In The City
08 - So Happy
09 - In The Classroom
10 - Rainbow With The Ladder
11 - Dear Kitty
12 - Its A Long Way To The Top ( Ac/Dc Cover )