Start Fires

Start Fires

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Start Fires futurebeat empowerment music inspires crowds to dance, sing, and follow the power of their own will.


shermstixx and dmlh have been creating music together since they were teenagers on a mountain in Vermont. Now, growing older in a world growing colder, they make medicinal music that casts a prismatic vision of present reality for future realist exploration.


2009- Shermstixx and DMLH START FIRES
2007 - total futurebeat tape

Production, Concepts, Instrumentation, Lyrics, Vocals
2008 - Realms of The Electrohesher
2006 - Space Age Driveby Muzik v.2
2004 - The Way (production and vocals with the G-13 Crew)
2003 - Space Age Driveby Muzik
2003 - ubergoat ep
1999 - Riot In Bristol tape.

Concepts, Lyrics, Vocals
2006 - Rewind Walk Tracks
2005 - The G-13 "mxtpv.2"
2004 - Love Poems for Future Reference
2004 - The G-13 "The Way"

Set List

Intro - 2:00
Who's Honest? - 2:30
This Is Living? - 3:00