Starting Last

Starting Last


A group of guys who love music and love giving people a good time. Music to party and sing along to. This band would open for Wyld Stallyans in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventue"


This band was started in the summer of 2001 by Jordan (the bassist), and Bart (the guitarist). We started out with hand me down equipments, and no knowledge of anything to do with bands. After a while of playing with friends and all different types of people with all different types of styles, they finally gained a new member, John (the guitarist). John brought in a style that mixed well and gave the band a fuller sound. Then after a long break when most people had given up hope, “Starting Last” ever performing again, there was a break in their luck. They had a new member tossed into the mix, Eddy (the drummer), who stepped in and brought an excitement and eagerness that the band needed. Finally, after working out some song ideas, they looked for the last piece of the puzzle, Justin (the singer), who showed up prepared and enthusiastic. They haven't been together for too long, but now as a full band they are prepared to play music for everyone to enjoy. So Please Enjoy.


Starting Last - "This is our Demo" - (Demo with 5 songs)

Set List

This is our basic set list that last 30 minutes. In addition, we have more songs and sometimes add a blink182 cover song.

1- Jessica <3
2- Heart beat
3- Untitled
4- Pretty Girls Tell the Best Lies
5- Hero
6- Before France