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Start Select


Unfortunately, we are having trouble uploading our songs, NXNE promoters, please visit our myspace if you would like to hear our stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Start Select has been together for 3 years in different incarnations. It wasn't until January of 2008 that the latest band form took shape. Wilson, Stefan, and Andriy had decided they were happy together but needed a singer. After a few auditions, Alyssa made the cut, and they have been working very hard for the last year. For the first 6 months they did nothing but teach Alyssa the material and write new material. In June 08 they had a 10 song setlist, and had their first gig. It was quite successful, and they went into the studio to record a demo. Now with a 5 song demo, they played a total of 15 shows between August and December 2008, including their demo release party at the Velvet Underground. They are currently in the studio recording 3 more songs, and are constantly looking for more performance oppurtunities.


Start Select Demo 1. Nothing
2. No Direction
3. Whole in a Circle
4. Mourning Rush
5. Amplified

Set List

Our setlist consists of 10 songs right now, currently working on new material. All originals

Nothing Whole in a Circle Amplified
No Direction Mourning Rush Airplanes and Studios
It Who's Counting Babylon Pts. 1 & 2