Star Turtle

Star Turtle


We are a rock band that thrive on high energy, good banter, and melodic, story-driven songs.


Formed 2 years ago, Star Turtle have been playing around Ireland in support of their recently released second EP, "Nightmares & Videogames". Produced by Dublin music legend Q (Colm Quearney), it has been gaining airplay in Ireland and is a reflection of the high energy sound that won the band much acclaim at HWCH 2006. They have just recorded their debut album in Porchlight Studios and are due to release it in Autumn 2007.


2005 - "Star Turtle" EP
2006 - "Nightmares & Videogames" EP
2007 - As Yet Untitled Album

Set List

All Originals, with the exception of at most one cover, depending on the evening.

Usually an hour of music (approx 10 songs).