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Supa Fly

Written By: Christopher Manu, Michael Robinson

Intro Verse 1 (Codeine)

The badest little broad that I done seen in a minute
The lord blessed you in every way and baby when I said it I meant it
That you was a bad bitch and a bag of chips
You laughed when other chicks would have gotten offended
You got that swagger with ya deep ya personalities tight
You rolled with me when I was broke but now my salaries right
I’m getting mine you’re getting yours
Baby get what you want and more

Verse 2 (Erb)

Baby its crazy
The way you take your time with me I love when we dance
Holding on to me like it’s your very last chance
And when we make love its just like
Magic girl you’re perfect for Mike
You’re beautiful from head to toe
And I just had to let you know

Chorus (Erb)

Girl you’re superfly
Girl you’re so alive
Baby girl don’t you know that you’re all that
And more and more Baby

Girl your superfly
Girl you’re so alive
Baby girl don’t you know that you’re all that
And more and more Baby

Verse 3 (Erb)

If something on your mind
Just let if off baby
How was your day
I been missing you like crazy
I’ll cook for you baby
What ever it takes to make you happy girl
Cause no one can come close to you
This must be that loving voo-doo you do
Take my hand
Cause you make me a better man ya heard me

Repeat Chorus (Erb)

Verse 4 (Codeine)

You like a breath of fresh air in a fresh pair of them apples
You stellar out of this world something cosmic for real a
You’re my la bella queen
I feel like I can tell you anything
Your verse is tight you fit in any scheme
See when I dream and fantasize
You’re the star of my fantasy
Never bored
Always going hard under your canopy
I want to show you the world and every white sand shore
I want to give you what you want and more

Repeat Verse 2 (Erb)

Repeat Chorus (Erb) Three Times


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