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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



i don't know if the intro is something that's very memorable. the the synth in the background is really unique and when the vocals finally come in, they come in strong. i wasn't expecting them to capture my attention like they did. however i don't like the deep voice that much either because it just sounds a bit fake. i really enjoyed the vocal/computer manipulation that sounds like scratches too. i wish the instrumental breakdown at the end lasted longer so you could easily sample the beats. overall, stash's got skillz.
- Crystal Bryan


I like the lyrics they were very east coast. The production was good and I like the synthesizers in the background. This track reminds me of rockafella records. Keep up the good work.
- Rashaad Moore


I'm not the biggest fan of rap and I think that this is not all bad! (that's a good thing). It's very repetitive and since it starts out that way it doesn't pull me in. When it comes to the verse's, it's a totally different story. That's what a hit sounds like. - STEPHANIE SCOTTO


I really dig the sampling, the lyrics, and everything about his raw vocal ability. His voice has individuality which is what you need in the rap "GAME". I can hear this song being sold all over the US Tomorrow.
- Ed Wieczorek


I like his tone, and the overall vibe, but it's nothing new or original. I'm just not I think there's a LOT of potential here; he's talented, but I'd like to hear something more original, something that showcases his vocal tone more and reaches out to a deeper subject. The only thing that really stands out about this song is that it might sound cool coming out of the trunk of a Honda Civic but not for its musical value.


Red Hook President Vol. 1 Mixtape
NBS Gang
The Butcher
Get Dat Paper Vol 1. Mixtape (Italy)
The Fix Volume 2 Mixtape (New Zealand)
Everything Iz For Tha GettBack (New Zealand)
Street Budget, No Co-Sign

"Ya Ready!", "What Is It?", "Born and Raised", "Move N Shake, "The Streets" have received airplay on 76.1 Inter FM (Joint One) in Tokyo, Japan.

"Ya Ready!" has also received airplay in the U.S., Australia, Canada & Italy along being used in Virgin Vines mp3 music promotion campaign (2006).


Feeling a bit camera shy


Red Hook, Brooklyn, 2007 is definitely a neighborhood in transition. Today, as newcomers move into this infamous neighborhood, many of them have no appreciation for this section's violent and storied history.

Seperated by Hamilton Avenue and the Gowanus Expressway, Red Hook is almost a borough onto itself. Such a singularly distinctive enclave deserves it's own voice, and that voice is Stash The Butcher. His relentless flow, intense and introspective lyrics and contigious song hooks command your attention and demand your respect. Along with his Gettback Entertainment company, Stash is here to reinstate Red Hook, Brooklyn as a dominating force in the music industry, from the streets to the stage, to the top of the charts and beyond. GETTBACK OR GET CLAPPED!