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Bangor, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Bangor, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Stasis Review"

Any fan of well written lyrics sung by a talented young woman to a rock tempo, will enjoy the band, Stasis. The band consists of lead singer Julia Glenn; guitarist, Aaron Hallett; drummer, Sean Montross; and bass, Josh Guerrero. All the members harmonize beautifully together and put on a sensational show. It is hard to describe a performance by Stasis in words. Each member brings their own unique qualities to the stage to make the performance the best that it can be. After each performance Stasis leaves their audience begging for more. Julia Glenn does a great job getting the audience involved with the performance and wears a new and fashionable outfit each time she performs. It is almost guaranteed that the female members of the audience will be envious of her shoes. Stasis may attract more female fans than male because the songs are easy for young women to relate to. The Stasis CD, Lost in a Nightmare, has many songs that are relatable to young women. If someone has just experienced a break-up, the song, A Place Apart, with lyrics like, His charismatic sweet deceit killed my heart, may demonstrate just shows how they feel. If someone is in love and they can’t describe in words, the song ,Until I Die, with lyrics like you’re everything I am and everything I wanna be is here with me right now there’s nothing more to say and nothing in this world can change the way I feel now. Until I die, may help them find the words that they are looking for. These inspiring lyrics complemented by amazing vocals and awesome instrumentals will touch each person who listens to a song on an emotional level.
Stasis is an extremely talented band but they know that they are far from perfect. Each member goes by the motto “practice makes perfect.” All of the band members take their work very serious and are always striving to be better. They love their fans and are always eager to please them with an unforgettable performance. - Stone

"Various Reviews"

The term stasis may refer to:
• A state of stability, in which all forces are equal and opposing, therefore they cancel out each other.

“Stasis is NEPA's PREMIER Original Rock fix. For over 2 years, they have worked hard to bring you the best Pop/Rock combination they have to offer.” –

“In light of their successes, Stasis has been continuing to craft its melodic, memorable pop/rock sound, garnering fans and record label interest along the way. In a very literal sense, it is just a matter of time for this up-and-coming band from Allentown, Pa.” –

Stasis has been the featured band in The Express Times popular articles “That’s Entertainment”, “Meet the Band:Stasis” and in a special exclusive article about their performance at Musikfest 07 in “Local Bands at the Heart of Festival Experience”.

Stasis has also been in the Pocono Record review for the Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands.
Reviews straight from
-“Very nice from the very firy first bar. Sometimes I can turnd off by female lead singers BUT I really enjoy one that knows how to sing and has a great tone like this one.” jfriese954 from Rockland, Maine on 16Feb2007

-“I reallylike this, which suprises me 'cos it's not normally my thing.The first thing that strikes me is the polished vocals. This girl has a really good voice and the use of harmonies was excellent, especially towards the end. I liked the melody, especially some of the phrasing, very effective. The song structure worked well and the song built well from the verse into the chorus. Overall the song has a very smoothe fell and this was complimented by the guitar work in the verses.” -The405Lines from United Kingdom on 16Feb2007

-“The vocals and lyric are a bit reminiscent of Pink so immediatley, I confess, I'm a fan. The use of backing harmonic vocals are used tastefully and sparingly. Guitars are dancing throughout with some very pleasing and original dynamics. The song has a kind of overwhelming happiness throughout which compliments this love story perfectly. The outro is unsuspected in a nice way and simply makes the listener want to hear more. So, I play it again...and now I'm going to save it!”- BuddyLucas from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on 14Feb2007

-“Good vocal performance, like how the song builds up and the layers. The guitars are well played, I like the solo.”
- mofiusdave from Seattle, Washington on 12Feb2007

-“Beautifully sparse arrangement. Super-groovy "Walk On The Ocean"-ish drums and bass in the verses. Nice electronic guitar touches. Yeah, it's working.”- BobbyLightfoot from Northampton, Massachusetts on 12Feb2007

“Dig the tune. Vocals are nicely represented - up front and strong. Wonderful dynamics leading up to the chorus. Production is really good - can hear each instrument individually - mixed well.Each musician plays his instrument well. Like the guitar solo, both in content and length. Combined, the singer and band keep the energy up and kept my attention throughout. Big ups for this group. Good luck.”
- romaloney from Phoenix, Arizona on 11Feb2007

-“That's right 'fest fans, the Regional Band Showcase is back for 2007! This competition is quickly becoming known as the way to see great up-and-coming bands at Musikfest! Past acts have included The Insidious Rays, Spitshine, Even Further, Ritter, Settle, Stasis and countless other crowd pleasing favorites. From local to regional acts, the showcase is quickly becoming a must-see event at Musikfest.” –

“I was able to attend the band competition this past weekend. I agree the time between sets was dull, but the bands made up for it. Stasis and Mountain Funk really put on GREAT shows. Heck even the female judge from Musikfest was dancing!” –“Bands Win Musikfest Gig” article on

“Bringing Glenn on wasn’t just for her great voice. Or the fact that she’s a hot red-headed gal who certainly wouldn’t hurt the band’s appeal to 20-something drunk guys at a show and look great on an album cover. Or for her ability to seamlessly mesh with the band. Or for her ability to actually be able to read and write music.As if they needed another reason, bringing Glenn on is just what the doctor ordered, according to the band. A little over a year later, the band is chugging right along with their version of alternative-pop-rock they compare to Selinsgrove-bred Breaking Benjamin or Evanescence.” –“By the Roadie” article on
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"Believe" - Full length album also Recorded and Produced @ Brian J. Anthony Studios. The album peaked at #37 as a Bestseller on Amazon for Rock albums, and #102 on iTunes!

"Lost in a Nightmare" Full length album. Recorded and Produced @ Brian J. Anthony Studios, and released Aug. 2008. "Relentless" saw airplay multiple times on 95.1 FM WZZO in Pennsylvania.

"L.B.E." - produced @ Blue Light Studios. Feb. 2007
Demo Disc - produced @ Saturation Acres - 2006

"Sirens" (Full album with previous singer) - 2004
"Leaving for Chicago" from the sirens album saw airplay on WZZO 95.1 FM in Pennsylvania.



Band Bio

Stasis, a four-piece rock outfit brings the basic elements of thriving rock, emotional melodies, and soaring choruses onto the scene. Stasis is the kind of band with songs which appeal to mass audiences. The group believes that rock music is built on hook-driven song writing, and that’s nothing short of what they give.

The core of Stasis consists of vocalist Julia Glenn, guitarist Aaron Hallett, drummer Sean Montross, and bassist Chris Penyak. Stasis has been compared to such acts as Paramore and Evanescence, with twists of Metallica and Breaking Benjamin in the mix. By combining these influences, Stasis has an undeniably unique sound all their own. The group has been honing their craft since 2005. Their first album with Julia Glenn, “Lost in a Nightmare” from 2008, showcases their talent with twelve tracks all as good as the last.

Their latest album "Believe" (released in 2010) made a definitive impact when it peaked at #37 as a Bestseller on Amazon for Rock albums, and #102 on iTunes!

The group has had plenty of playing experience during their career. In 2009 they performed with acclaimed artists Puddle of Mudd and Trapt at Bethlehem PA’s Musikfest. In addition, they performed with acts like Andrew W.K., Eve 6, Toby Keith & Trace Adkins and more! Past performances include the Vans Warped Tour in 2008, the 2008 New Music Seminar at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as previous sets at Bethlehem PA’s Musikfest. They performed at 95.1 WZZO’s Backyard Bands Showcase two years in a row. In the past Stasis has been booked to play with such acts as Breaking Benjamin, Long Beach Short Bus (formerly Sublime), Bret Michaels of Poison, Saving Jane, and Karate High School. They’ve performed at many well known venues including New York City’s “The Knitting Factory”, Philadelphia’s “Grape Street Pub” and “The Khyber”, Allentown PA’s “Crocodile Rock Café”, Wilks-Barre PA’s “Staircase Lounge”, and the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA. Stasis prides themselves on professionalism, showmanship, and their ability to write great songs….Lets Rock!!