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Russian born Anastassia arrived to Toronto at the age of 12. With a family of professional theatre performers and TV personalities, she had been exposed to an unconventional artistic environment from an early age. Her artistic inspirations were shaped by the classical tradition of the European Theatre and Arts, as well as the incoming Western Pop Culture.
Shortly after coming to Canada Anastassia started writing songs in English, which drew the attention of the urban scene in Toronto. After her collaboration with a multi-platinum producer Markus Kane Anastassia’s song “Like U” hit the radio and remained in the top 5 for several weeks.
For the last few years Anastassia has been developing her talent by recording and writing with established, award winning producers in Canada and New York, among whom are Peter J Lord and Jeff Smith of the Family Stand (Paula Abdul, Tamia, Whitney Houston, Macy Gray).
Anastassia is also dedicated to her vocal studies with Danny Madden, one of the leading vocal teachers in USA, (Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston).
Currently Anastassia is recording her debut album, which she is writing and co-producing. Although she is a new face on the pop scene, her intimate musical style, beautiful voice and star-quality stage presence will appeal to diverse audiences internationally.


Passion Fruit

Written By: Stassia

When I first saw u
I really felt your sexy style
They way you make me move
Its working up my appetite
Baby talk to me
Tell me what u got in mind
Let ur body speak
There’s no need for words tonight

Let me give u let me be your something good
Let me give u let me be your passion fruit

All I really need
Is 2-3 minuts of ur time
maybe I ma tease
but I know u like the way I grind
down down
honey don’t b shy
i'll get up on ur microphone
and make u take me high
my pink stilettous scratch the floor

Let me give u let me be your something good
Let me give u let me be your passion fruit

Passion Fruit
U never thought that it could taste so good
U want my love for lunch and diner too
Lets skip dessert
Boi get to work
Passion fruit

na na na.....


"Like u" "There u GO"

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A mixture of fun pop songs and soulful mid-tempos and ballads.