State Bird
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State Bird

Dover, Ohio, United States

Dover, Ohio, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"State Bird"

“Through the rest of Holy Spirits, the band reveals the three keys to its success: complementary, cooperative and consistent music. Whether the instrumentation is minimal or climactic, the music retains its pop accessibility in form and structure.” – Ink

“They’ve got a touch of that way back sound – a little 60s pop here, a little 70s reverb, hazy psychedelia there.” – Obsessive Compulsive Music Disorder

“Compared with Mostly Ghostly (State Bird’s 2008 release), the band now has a big sound where Coby and Jared wield fuzz and feedback masterfully.”- Brooklyn Rocks

“‘Mostly Ghostly’ presents glorious, full-bodied tracks that swell with a plethora of instrumentation and gospel-like choruses. ” –

“Sounding like an approximation of Neutral Milk Hotel bumping into Modest Mouse at one of Wilco’s more rural-inflected concerts, State Bird enlists a cadre of fine musicians to add flourishes of brass or percussion, subtle or otherwise, that give its sound a sophisticated and full body.” – Cleveland Free Times

“lush beyond belief…an absolute gem.” – Side One Track One

“the most impressive aspect of the album are in fact Hartzler and Riblet’s vocals. They are honest, constantly harmonizing, and ever changing in presentation. A rarity in music today and a delight for the listener.” – Transform Online

“It’s difficult not to get up off the couch and start marching right alongside them.”- Opuszine - Press


Holy Shit! LP - Coming soon
Holy Spirits ep - 2010
4 New Songs - 2008
Mostly Ghostly - 2008



Formed in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Nothing to do but play music. We have toured the USA several times. Played with some awesome bands and lots of shitty bands.