State Line Mob

State Line Mob

 Florence, Alabama, USA

When you think of modern day southern rocknroll, the band that's gonna come to everyone’s mind is, State Line Mob.Their bluesy/southern rock line up is a country outlaw sound & image you won't forget. S.L.M. was formed in 2007 by Muscle Shoals,Al vocalists & songwriters Phillip Crunk & Dana Crunk



Duo recording artist ,State Line Mob is based out of Muscle Shoals,Alabama.They released their debut album "Ruckus" to the world, & left many saying early that they would have the best album of the year as a new artist ,as well as having the best Southern Rock album since Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors" way back in 1977.To S.L.M., those were great compliments to have been given to them.At the end of 2008, they proved it by winning two Muscle Shoals Music Awards for Best New Artist of the Year & for Best New Album of the Year! They were nominated for these 2 awards by the people & won these awards by the people's votes. hey even went as far as performing several shows throughout the year with one of Skynyrds own,"Jo Jo Billingsley"original Honkette backup singer". Fans have been purchasing their "Ruckus" CD off the internet shelves of cdbaby & their website steady since the release was announced including digital downloads here in the USA,UK,Germany & France.People everyday tell them,State Line Mob music is exactly what radio has been missing for some time now. State Line Mob released their debut music video for their song "It keeps me going"in 2009.Keep your eyes open on the web as well as music video TV channels Direct TV & Australias CMC channel for airplay & more channels to come.Mudtrucktv broadcasted State Line Mobs music video on March 7 over 5 states as part of their televised show.State Line Mob's music video video can be viewed on's website where they have dedicated a full web page to State Line Mob.Fans of the mud sport are becoming very familliar with the music of State Line Mob.Included is a click & play Interview with lead vocalist Phillip Crunk that Brian Austin,owner of Mudtruck tv hosted.This has resulted in a great relationship between & S.L.M. Both parties now have many new fans nationwide & are both now part of & being sponsored by

Phillip Crunk & Dana Crunk write all of their own music & lyrics including the songs you hear on their "Ruckus" cd with the exception of some collaboration with their former Nashville producer,of Severe Records at the time of recording Ruckus.They are currently seeking for their future record label.Phillip's song works are registered under BMI & he has been a BMI songwriter for nearly 10 years.Phillip's song works are also registered under his BMI Publishing Company,"Crunk Luck Publishing". In 2008 State Line Mob became a member of the Country Music Association (CMA) & looks forward to the day they are nominated for their own award. A few things that automatically stand out about State Line Mob is their vocals are unique,powerfull,clear but special apart blending perfectly together as one. Everyday people young & old,can relate to the lyrics they write because they send a message & deal with real everyday life experiences,Including their own."The kids & teenagers are also really digging our music & want to see our live show too",says Phillip & Dana,who proudly owns the 1968 General Lee car thats with them on their cd cover of "Ruckus" that insired their song titled, "Me and General Lee" which was originally released as an added bonus Live acoustic track on limited Edition copies of "Ruckus" for the popular Dukesfest.They have a great band backing them up & are very pleased.We all have the same goal & that is to move forward & make a huge Impact in the music Industry,says Phillip.State Line Mobs' southern rock /country outlaw sound is similar to their influences of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company and 38 Specials, updated for this decade & era with alot of country & blues influence.But make no mistake,Phillip & Dana take pride with saying they are original & really just sound like themselves.Being ourselves & being real to who we are & to the fans, is what seperates us from other singers & bands.Phillip & Dana come from a family background of musicians who were writers,singers & studio engineers that were heavily influenced by the "Muscle Shoals Sound Music Era",which influenced them during their childhood.They both play piano & Phillip started out in music as a drummer in various bands growing up & through his adult life.As Leaders of State Line Mob, Phillip Crunk and Dana Crunk trade off on vocals and sing for you great southern harmony.With "Ruckus", they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in American music.


State Line Mob has alot to offer for everyone including a very enjoyable performance that leaves you wanting more!
The following are a few major things, State Line Mob has took part of.Before Ruckus was officially released to the public,local S


State Line Mob released their debut cd "Ruckus" worldwide & a variation of all tracks from Ruckus are getting spins world wide on U.S. National syndicated Am & FM radio stations,radio stations in the UK & All of Europe,France,Germany just to name a few as well as internet radio streaming on hundreds of stations.State Line mob is constantly scheduling live on the air Interviews via radio & internet radio including podcast.

Set List

A State Line Mob typical Headlining concert show is 1 1/2 -2 hours long. If the Mob is the opening act or they are performing a festival type event they perform 45 minutes to an hour long depending on how much time is allowed. State Line Mob performs songs from their "Ruckus" cd among other original material & a selection of cover songs that have influenced S.L.M. along the way.