State Line Mob

State Line Mob


When you think of modern day southern rocknroll, the band that's gonna come to everyone’s mind is State Line Mob.Their blues/southern rock line up is a southern outlaw sound & image you can't forget.The band was formed in 2007 by Muscle Shoals Al vocalists & songwriters Phillip Crunk and Dana Crunk


State Line Mob has released their new debut album "Ruckus" to the world, & has left many saying,they will have the best album of 2008, and could have the best Southern Rock album since Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Street Survivors" way back in 1977.To S.L.M., thats great compliments to have been given to them!With the cd only being released just a few weeks ago,folks have been purchasing Ruckus off the internet shelves of cdbaby & their website steady since announced & have sold copies here in the USA,UK,Germany & France.People everyday tell them that State Line Mob music is exactly what radio has been missing for some time now.Well,we agree!

With State Line Mob,our vocals are powerfull & you can clearly hear & understand the lyrics we sing.Everyday people,young or old can relate to the lyrics we write because they deal with real everyday life experiences including ours.The kids & teenagers are also really digging our music ,says Phillip & Dana,who proudly owns the 1968 General Lee car thats with them on their cd cover of "Ruckus".Our 1970 model Charger General Lee inspired us to write the song "American Beauty" that's on our cd "Ruckus".However,we have wrote a new song about our current General Lee.The song titled "Me & General Lee" is scheduled to be released this spring of 2008 as a single and/or could end up as an added bonus track of later future releases of "Ruckus".Theres alot of proud General Lee owners & fans like us & this new song goes out to them.We will be performing this song as a standard for all of our shows.

Phillip & Dana Crunk write all of their own music & lyrics with the exception of some help from their producer at Severe Records from time to time.
We enjoy writing music & anytime we can collaborate with any like minded songwriters,
we think its great!We have a great band lined up & look forward to stormin out & making a huge impact in the music industry.The band's southern rock /country outlaw sound is similar to their influences of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company and 38 Special’s, updated for this decade & era.But make no mistake,Phillip & Dana take pride with saying they are original & really just sound like themselves.Being ourselves & being real to who we are & to the fans, is what seperates us from other singers & bands.We both come from a family background of musicians & have both been playing music & singing all our lives.We both play piano & I started out playing drums in various bands growing up.
Leaders Phillip Crunk and Dana Crunk trade off on vocals and sing for you great southern harmony. With "Ruckus," they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in American music.


State Line Mob has just now released their debut cd "Ruckus".We have all 10 tracks from "Ruckus" streaming on & & available for purchase at the url site link provided.You can also preview our songs by going to
You can also listen to an acoustic version of Me & General Lee by going to We have started a small radio campaign performing acoustic songs with interviews promoting our cd.Currently,we have local & surrounding Alabama area radio stations playing songs from our cd "Ruckus" as well as radio stations in Texas & Tennessee.Our cd is being broadcasted over the airways in Europe as our goal is to reach broader audiences nationwide & worldwide.

Set List

Our typical sets are 45 minutes to an 1 hour long.
We are currently promoting the 10 songs off our brand new cd "Ruckus".These songs are,It keeps me going,Hooked,Holding you next to me,McNairy County Line,Who do you love,American Beauty,Baby i miss you,I need rocknroll,It's up to you, & Southern Comfort.We are also including the fresh new written song by S.L.M. titled "Me & General Lee" in our set list.We also provide an variety of cover songs if needed for a multiple set show.Our typical repertoire includes southern rock tunes from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd,38 Special,Bad Company,Atlanta Rhythm Section,Allman Brothers,just to name a few, as well as current top charted radio country/rock songs that audiences are familiar with & love.