Statelman is a chaotic blend of rock, punk and pop with a natural inclination towards experimentation. Statelman sounds like a hard rock band with a sweet-tooth for pop. Their live performances are kinetic and animated; the energy is contagious, and crowds are quickly infected.


Statelman was formed by four close friends and devoted musicians. The band has existed in some form since its inception in the summer of 2006. “Megan and I began writing some music together,” says guitarist and vocalist, Sean, “We were looking to make some music that actually resonated with us.”

The band’s Central New Jersey roots are a huge influence on them. “Small suburbs don’t really leave you with much to do. Playing music let me meet my best friends and band mates,” says guitarist and vocalist Megan. Statelman is both a creative and emotional outlet for the band, “Honestly, music is the best therapy I could ever ask for,” Sean says, “That thirty to forty minutes I get to be on stage dancing and singing takes all the stress away; it makes everything feel alright. I don’t know where I’d be without it.” Statelman's strongest aspect is their live performance. Fans have commented that the band's performance is reminiscent of bands like Nirvana and At the Drive-in.

Statelman draws on a myriad of varied influences. “Our set usually reminds me of when you set your mp3 player to shuffle,” Dan jokes, “I’d hate it if all our songs sounded the same. We all listen to different kinds of music; I think that comes through on our CD.” The band blends their pop sensibilities with their penchant for the experimental into music that will grab you, shake you, and never let you go.


The Ballad of Molly McQuade

Written By: Sean Horan

You've got some nerve to come back here
After all these years you've
Been gone since I could say goodbye
I'm left to wonder why
You walked back in my life today
What more can I say?

And if there's nothing I can do
To get away from you
And if there's nothing I can say
We'll hold on to this day
And if there's nothing I can do
To get away from you

I'll be gone before you say
I'll be gone before you say it's
Sew you back together and fall apart
I'll sew you back together and fall apart it's

Don't move don't say another word
It's nothing I haven't heard
Your voice, your lips against my cheek
My knees are feeling weak
To stand up tall won't let you go
Oh no no

You Are the Beta

Written By: Sean Horan

You are the car bomb
Waiting to wreck my day
You are the fire burning beneath her chest
I don't think i want to
Open my eyes again
Let's watch the bullets fly
Over head

He is the Alpha
You are the Beta Bastard
You are the Lion
You are my god incarnate

You are the killing field I
Walk alone
You are the land mine robbing my
Foot of Earth
This is the terror running
Through my bones
This sick consolation prize just
Open wide


"The Ghost in the Static" EP (2008)
-Currently receiving local radio airplay.

Set List

1. Theywilldrinkfromhere.
2. The Ballad of Molly McQuade
3. Open Mouth Betrayal
4. Danny P.
5. This Will Be the End of Us All
6. You Are the Beta

Set length can range between 30-60 minutes if need be.