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The best kept secret in music


"Legends Magazine (Issue 147, June 2005)"

Right off the bat, Haywire, is impressively concocted. Mixing genres of riff-slaughtering metal guitars, EBM electronic pop and solid vocals, all mixed to perfection, State of Being has put out a fine CD.

Seemingly a family affair, State of Being are made up by Christopher, Shara and Scott Foldi with Rayanne Turek and Randy Blaire throwing down within.

Opening with the nominal song, Haywire, a good start we have here. Strong, tight and well played with lyrical content calling towards a wire-connected digital shakedown. Almost Matrix-like. Overload follows and kicks nearly as loud and strong, keeping an Evanescence, but male fronted, feel...

Deadly funky from the outset, Levity is a stand-out track for Haywire... Static laden and stompy comes Whitespace, which is a great name for a song that finds itself white-noise driven during some of its make-up...

We move back and forth this way...sometimes more electronic, sometimes more riff slamming, always groovy. I Could, for example, has a really trip hop make-up musically and bubbles along rhythmically.

We have here in Haywire a decent album. With grooviness, well played instruments, strong guitars and well layed down vocals. It's also mixed amazingly well and sounds about as pro as anybody...

- Marcus Pan

"Chain D.L.K. (Haywire Remixes 1:2)"

"Haywire Remixes 1:2 ... opens with Andy (Stabbing Westward, Prick) Kubiszewski's steroid-charged version of 'Beneath the Skin,' who also closes the EP with his alluringly somber update to 'Levity.' Kubiszewski sets the standard for the other remixing artists to live up to, and that is exactly what they do."

"It is obvious why these artists were chosen for H.R.1:2, as the respect and thought put into the mixes is undeniable. H.R.1:2 is infectious. From the hard-pounding beginning to the quiet and earnest mix of 'Levity,' HR 1:2 gets into your head..."

"State of Being's Haywire Remixes 1:2 is well produced and is a smart, club-friendly follow-up to Haywire. The competence and care of the remix work makes this an accessible release that is sure to draw attention for both State of Being and the remixing artists."
- Shaun Phelps

"Dark Realms (Issue 15, July 2004)"

...The cd was produced and engineered by Stabbing Westward’s Andy Kubiszewski, whose stylistic influence is evident on many of the tracks... From the opening track, “Haywire,” the music grabs the listener’s attention and continues to hold it captive throughout the entire cd. “Overload” is a wicked, hard-driving rock track, laced with heavy guitar riffs. The cd’s first single, “Levity,” is an industrial-edged gem and has already shot to the top of the online radio charts. “Shameless” is a straight-ahead rocker, while “Take Me Away” and “Beneath the Skin” add euphoric doses of dark techno to the mix. The band slows the tempo and the vocal duties shift to Shara Földi for the haunting ballad, “Wondering.” Seamlessly blending industrial, goth, and electronica, Haywire is a vibrant mixture of dark, alternative rock styles that transcends musical boundaries to create a distinctive and captivating sound... - Russell Williams

"Outburn Magazine (Issue 27, July 2004)"

Rating: 7
Produced by Stabbing Westward's Andy Kubiszewski, Haywire combines synthpop emotion with industrial rock aggression and electro EBM dance. An electrifying disc with 13 tracks.
Standout tracks: "Levity," "Overload," "Losing It" ... If you like: Chemlab, Gravity Kills, Hate Dept. - Octavia

" (October 20, 2004)"

Haywire sounds like a hybrid of the dark grunge guitar overdrive of Alice in Chains (at times vocalist Christopher Földi also sings a lot like the late Layne Staley) and various '80s and '90s goth/electro rock touchstones such as Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Peter Murphy, Marilyn Manson, and Sisters of Mercy. In fact, the standout track on this CD, "Take Me Away" has a similar feel to the Sisters' legendary "Temple of Love" with its sinister gloom and doom dance pop vibe and infectious female backing vocals by Shara Földi. Another highlight is the atmospheric ballad "This Thing," which is reminiscent of Peter Murphy's solo work with its Near Eastern-tinged psychedelic guitar sound, meshing well with the dark atmosphere. Goth/Industrial fans who haven't heard State of Being should definitely welcome them to their CD collections.
- from Cool Cleveland contributor Ben Vendetta

" (June 2004)"

"I want to escape this revolving door" sings vocalist Christopher Foldi on the song "Take Me Away", and in my eyes that's exactly what STATE OF BEING has done with their latest disc HAYWIRE. After several releases, they have finally shaken out of the stereotypical goth rock/industrial elements... and crafted an electronically fueled sonic-rock album..."Overload," the second track on the CD is a fast paced, intense journey into the mind of someone who has had enough, while "This Thing" is a strong mid-tempo rock tune that adds diversity and atmosphere to this collection of tunes. State Of Being don't let up or let down on this latest disc, and have crafted an album that stands up to several major label efforts of late. Hitting somewhat political grounds is the final track "End of the World" which comes off as both cryptic and topical with all that is happening around the globe. After listening I think most people would agree this is not a rock record that will leave you brainless... This is a collection of ideas and questions that will leave you evaluating your State Of Being. - dougless

"Scene Magazine (June 2004)"

"In the pit of my gut I taste burning pain/An ulcer that eats from my heart to my brain," Foldi growls on "I Could," a song about emotional isolation... such dark, angry sentiment drives the newly propulsive SoB. Half this album is just as suited for the mosh pit as the dance floor, particularly the bellowed-out title cut and the hulking "Overload"... SoB doesn't forget the buoyant dance numbers ("Take Me Away") and breathy, lovelorn electronica ("This Thing"), but for the most part, this is an album where knuckles bleed, not hearts. - JASON BRACELIN

"Hard Wired Magazine,"

I have to say from the off that this album is a little bit more rockier than we would normally review for the Goth section, but if it were not for the polite accompanying letter that came along with the CD and the press blurb asking us to review it, we would not be. (Record labels take note… the personal touch can work wonders!)

This band, a five piece from Ohio, certainly know their beans – the sound production on the album is very good, and the mix of musical styles makes the album a pleasure to listen to – you won’t get tired listening to this. Produced by Andy Kubiszewski of Stabbing Westward and The The fame, this album comes from a high pedigree.

The style of the music is clean cut... Hats off to the vocalist – here is a man who is more than capable for the job – and the vocals sit with the music very well… There are a good mix of instruments on here – with the obvious guitar (acoustic and electric), drums and bass, there are joined by electronic samples and effects. It makes for a good fusion of influences from other styles, and once again goes to show the level of talent and initiative on offer here – the track ‘Whitespace’ is a clear indicator of this with distorted guitar, moving to acoustic guitar, high pitched vocals, and standard SoB fare. Nice one guys!

...The spice that adds to the variety of this album has to be ‘Take me away’ – light and up-tempo electronic beats open up into distorted guitars which provide a base for the vocals to perform upon. Female vocals lend a hand on here, and this makes for a nice change from the other tracks. This is the jewel in SoB’s crown, and should act as a beacon for other Goth-Rock bands who seem to miss the point now and again, and produce mediocre fare. Listen up people, and let SoB show you the way.

‘Wondering’ sees those female vocals taking charge again... and of course, go miles in adding that extra touch of variety to the album. ...SOB have a formula that works – while not easy to place in any one camp... their style is open enough to appeal to the masses... - Keith Elcombe

" (Sweden) (January 2005)"

It was because of the producer that I got interested in this band,Stabbing Westward member Andy Kubiszewski is the man behind the engineering board and the almost spooky feel that Stabbing Westward has as their trademark also comes with this package called State of Being.

A 5 piece family band (almost) featuring Christopher Földi- Lead vocals, guitar/ Shara Földi- Keyboards, vocals/ Scott Földi- Guitar, vocals/ Rayanne Turek- Bass, vocals and Randy Blaire- Drums has done a mighty fine goth influenced synthrock album in the same league as Orgy,The Anix and Carfax Abbey.

I was blown away by the opening title track "Haywire" that has a fantastic Yes/World Trade-ish chorus, why not play the 4th track "Whitespace" real loud and feel the megacool synthesizer beat in your body - not to mention the awesome acoustic based chorus,this is what I call hyperintelligent arranged music!

The hitsmelling "Take me away" will appeal to all fans of Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails,in fact - instead of waiting for the new Nine Inch Nails album to be released in spring 2005 - get STATE OF BEING´s 3rd album "Haywire" now,you won´t be disappointed. - Kaj

"Utter Trash (June 2004)"

'Haywire' is a collection of well written pop songs, given a little bit of an edge with heavy guitars and some elements of electronica. The production is slick and professional... The band features a good melodic male lead vocalist with a touch of Peter Murphy in his delivery, as well as a female vocalist who mostly sings harmony backups. On "Wondering", however, she does get a chance to sing lead and handles herself quite ably... Standout tracks for me were "Haywire", "Overload", "Levity", "Take Me Away", and "Beneath the Skin"... - Utter Trash


Haywire Remixes 1:2, CD ep
Haywire, CD lp
Levity, CD single
Implosion, CD lp
Red Frontier, CD single
III from Implosion / Instinct Video, enhanced CD ep
Static In My Brain, CD ep
Dysfunctional Vision, CD lp

Commercial Airplay:
WMMS - Cleveland, OH (10/04 - current)
• In-studio interview on “Native Noise” show, w/ six songs played from, "Haywire."
• “Native Noise" playing “Levity” / “Overload” and continuing with more tracks from, "Haywire."
WRQK - Akron/Canton, OH (late 2004-current)
•"Local Licks Show" airplay, Live recording 7/05.
CJRN - Niagara Falls, ONT, CANADA
KLLK - Willits, CA
KMYZ - Tulsa, OK

College Airplay:
WBWC 88.3 FM - Berea, OH
• Sponsor for “Haywire” CD release party.
• Rotation and #1 RPM for 22 weeks with “Levity”
• Rotation and #1 RPM for 11 weeks with “Take Me Away” + on-air interviews
WKSR - Kent, OH
• Interviewed on-air, RPM show.
WRUW - Cleveland, OH
• Live in studio for “Live from Cleveland”
• On-air interview on “Darkfield Imagery”
KNHC - Seattle, WA
• Interview on “On The Edge” show.
CFOU - Trois Rivieres, QUE, CANADA
KAMP - Tucson, AZ
KANM - College Station, TX
KAOS - Olympia, WA
KSCU - Santa Clara, CA
KTEK - Socorro, NM
KUCR - Riverside, CA
KUNM - Albuquerque, NM
WBTY - Waltham, MA
WCSB - Cleveland, OH
WFDU - Teaneck, NJ
WJCU - University Hts, OH
WMEB - Orono, ME
WOBC - Oberlin, OH
WPRK - Winter Park, FL
WPTS - Pittsburgh, PA
WRCT - Pittsburgh, PA
WRSU - New Brunswick, NJ
WSTB - Streetsboro, OH
WWSU - Dayton, OH
WWVU - Morgantown, WV
WXIN - Providence, RI
3INR - Melbourne AUSTRALIA ... and more.

Internet Radio:
Dark Nation Radio Online - Rosebush, MI
• “Overload” in Top 50 Goth/Industrial Tracks of 2004. - Rocky River, OH
• "Overload" #1 for 2 weeks during 20 week run.
Dark Nation Radio Online - Rosebush, MI
• "Overload" in Top 50 Goth/Industrial Tracks of 2004.
Infectious Disease Radio - Austrailia
Rock Radio - London, England
Detroit Industrial Underground - Westland, MI
Krush Radio - Houston, TX
Hidden Planet Radio - Selah, WA
In Perpetual Motion - Ferndale, MI - Lexington, KY
Liquid Gothic Radio - Westport, MA - Cleveland, OH ... and more.


Feeling a bit camera shy


State of Being embodies music at its most dynamic, energetic, sophisticated and powerful — all at once. "Haywire," the group's third full-length studio CD, represents a level of proficiency that can only come from longevity. It's interesting that State of Being's first release ten years ago was titled "Dysfunctional Vision." SOB brainchild and lead singer Christopher Foldi has remained true to his original vision, while allowing it to evolve and mature. With Andy Kubiszewski (ex-drummer of Stabbing Westward, The The, Prick) at the controls as producer of "Haywire," Foldi and bandmates have crafted a unique and accessible fusion of brooding vocals, ethereal keyboards, blistering guitars and a solid rhythm section. It's no wonder that State of Being was voted Best Alternative/Electronic Act of 2004 by Scene Magazine, Cleveland's premier arts and entertainment weekly. And the band - which also includes Shara Foldi (keyboards, vocals), Scott Foldi (guitars, vocals), Rayanne Turek (bass, vocals), and Randy Blaire (drums) - continues to gain new fans and radio airplay throughout the U.S., Canada and as far away as Australia.

Critical Acclaim:

“impressively concocted … mixing genres of riff-slaughtering metal guitars, EBM electronic pop and solid vocals, all mixed to perfection.” - Legends Magazine

"I was blown away by the opening title track, 'Haywire' the 4th track, 'Whitespace,' real loud and feel the megacool synthesizer beat in your body - not to mention the awesome acoustic-based chorus. This is what I call hyperintelligent arranged music!" -

"SoB have a formula that works - while not easy to place in any one camp...their style is open enough to appeal to the masses." - Hard Wired

State of Being has released three full-length CDs, several CD-EPs, and two music videos, and appears on several compilation CDs, including "Notes IV" (Invisible Records). State of Being music can also be found on the soundtrack of the supernatural comedy-feature film, "So, You've Downloaded A Demon" (Accidental Films).

The band has performed in support of numerous national and international acts including: Billy Idol, Kill Hannah, Dope, Pigface, The Used, Thrill Kill Kult, Chemlab, Tapping the Vein, Sister Machine Gun, Gravity Kills, and The Church.