State of Emergence
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State of Emergence

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Artists To Watch"

To help kick off June “A2W” we did not have to travel far to find the next band coming out of NYC. State of Emergence is a rock band that truly kicks ass. The music is hard and relentless. The lead singer Matt Van Bockern has got a voice that goes from 0-60 in seconds. What we love about SOE is that they are true to the rock genre and do it so well. In April of this year the guys released their self-titled debut album. You can get a good taste of their sound on their EPK as they posted over 10 tracks. A single that we are still playing in the Skope offices is “(A)pathetic.” This song grabs the listener and holds them for over 3 minutes. - Skope Magazine Online

"Broken Records Magazine Record Reviews"

"Dynamic from start to finish, from thrashing heavy guitar riffs to beautiful melancholy melodies, these guys show it all off...It's so refreshing to hear some real Rock n Roll in the midst of the so-popular Indie revolution." - Broken Records Magazine

"Garage Band Anonoymous Reviews" gives listeners songs from anonymous bands to review and rate. Here are some reviews:

"There is a lot explosive energy in this song, especially in the vocals, which reminds me so much of Adam Lambert. This is an immensely passionate and flawless performance from all of the band members! They definitely give it their all and way beyond that!!! WOW! I am very impressed!!!
-Nancy V153 on "Apathetic"

"The riff is very Velvet Revolver - esque but the tuine just drives through and kicks you in the teeth. Speak of which... I'll be sending you the dentist bill shortly"
-All4Nothing on "Apathetic

"This song is the classic rock number that makes you dance in the summer time. its the rock number that you wait for at an outdoor concert. Everything about this number rocks, good bass line and straight forward rockin drums, guitar is strong and the vocalist hits several notes that would make blackie lawless smile. then at the 2:30 mark here comes old sabbath(riffage) what a great song."
- Oden on "Sleepless City"

"The fourth minute onwards is brilliant to say the least. This song would be brilliant for a stadium crowd. Awesome song guys. "
Udon Juan on "Epiphany"

- Garage Band


Sleepless City: Single (March 2008)

State of Emergence: Self-Titled Album (March 2009)

(A)Pathetic: Single
Streaming Airplay on Maximum Threshold Radio and The Rock and Roll Report

Take A Deep Breath E.P. (November 2010)



The New York City based band STATE OF EMERGENCE, lives to show what rock music can and will be in the future. Tossing aside the notion that hard rock is only for angst ridden teens, “S.O.E.” takes a little from all genres and unites them into their brand of high energy, unforgettably melodic, and well structured tunes and brings them to the masses one fan at a time.

The five piece from the city that never sleeps, relies on their influences of the past but never forgets that today is a new age in the record industry. Even though their deepest combined passion lies in that of 70’s hard rock ( AC/DC, Black Sabbath), 80’s metal ( Guns N Roses, Motley Crue) and everything rocking thereafter ( Tool, Foo Fighters), the band is never afraid to delve into other forms of music that are not normally associated with harder music ( reggae, blues, funk, new wave, etc.). They combine this with their optimistically dark, real and raw lyrics to create something that is strangely familiar but new at the same time.

. In 2 years they have already grown a legion of fans with an old school/new school method of promoting, from passing out flyers on the street to using Myspace to spread the word. They believe if it sounds good and they pass that on, then the message will be heard. Their live performances only further proves their unwillingness to be reckoned with as one of the best new bands in New York City. The future is bright, so put on your shades, and get ready for STATE OF EMERGENCE.