State of Mind

State of Mind


State of Mind is a 4-piece modern rock band hailing from St. Louis Missouri, with a good mix of hard hitting yet radio friendly songs with catchy hooks and crunchy riffs. We are currently independently working on producing our debut studio album, which is due out for release in the Summer of 2008.


State of Mind is many things: a knockout punch to the stomach, a purposeful caress and kiss, all without ever breaking eye contact. Their lyrics will linger in your mind for days having you belting out their passionate verses as if they were home. Their live shows bring an exhilarated excitement that will have you standing jaw-dropped and eyes wide.

State of Mind is comprised of lead vocalist Gregg Thomas, lead guitarist Guy Cook, guitarist Kyle Bowen bassist Tim Ott, and drummer Dave Cook. The band was formed in the summer of 2004 on the gritty Southside of Saint Louis. The band has spent the better part of their infancy writing songs and developing a powerful, mature sound that will not only send them ahead of the pack, but will also define them as experienced veterans in the music business.

State of Mind is not trying to recreate the wheel when it comes to music. They simply are trying to be the best at what they do, and that’s writing and performing solid rock music. They live their lives by one motto: “One song, one fan, and one day at a time.�


State of Mind has just finished their self titled 5 song EP, and will be releasing a full-length studio album in the summer of 2008.

Set List

We have well over an hour of original material. The following is a list of songs from are up and coming CD.

House of Wicked Lies
Praying for Silence
Super Sonic Rage
Death Star
Lay Down Your Guns
I Fly
The Bottom
My Baby's Dead
And many more