State of Murdoch

State of Murdoch

 Seattle, Washington, USA

The soundtrack/indie music for the Zombopocalypse


The band State of Murdoch exists thanks to a worthwile weeding through Craigslist. The current lineup of Brian, Pax and Jake have played together since March of 2008. With our soon to be released 'Din Eli' EP we are setting up the groundwork for a West Coast tour in the early fall of 2010. When not in the rehearsal space practicing countless hours, you can find us in bars/venues rocking out our set and/or drinking ourselves merry. Hope to catch you at a show sometime.


Gryphon EP (July '09)
Din Eli EP (Upcoming Summer '10)

Set List

We have 17 originals and a few covers (including Radiohead's Lucky, Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl, Alice in Chain's Got Me Wrong) in our current repertoire. We can do sets ranging from 30 minutes to an hour in a half.