State of Static

State of Static


Your son, daughter, friend, boss, mother, and even your grandmother have something in common. They will all find something they love in State of Static. Our sound varies widely between songs and settles into a median everyone can love.


In an era of weekend rockers and cookie-cutter bands, it's becoming harder to find music that can be classified as original. Ask the Vancouver quartet State of Static what type of music they play, however, and you may find the answer requires the creation of a new genre.
The vast difference in influence from each of the band members, combined with an overwhelming respect and passion for the art of music, drive the 4 to explore new sonic boundaries in everything from acoustic folk to dirty blues rock, soul, metal, and even classical. Their high energy live sets are received as a breath of fresh air by new listeners, as well as the growing number of loyal S.O.S. fans.
"Our goal is to in some way positively effect the lives of those who hear our music, by being both an outlet for the aching soul as well as a celebration of life."


Self Titled Album-2006
1. The Ghost of Ted
2. Makeup Lay
3. Just Sayin
4. Johnny & June
5. All Burned Out
6. Everything
7. Revolution
8. My Own Genocide
9. Pride
10. Life or Lack Thereof

Set List

Typical Sets are from 45-75 minutes in length

Life or Lack Thereof
Just Sayin
The Ghost of Ted
This Song We All Share
Ill Be Here
All Burned Out
Leave It All Behind
Devil Pills
Looking Back


Simple Man (Shinedown)
45 (Shinedown)
What I Got (Sublime)
Bad Fish (Sublime)
Flake (Jack Johnson)
Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams)
Hotel California (The Eagles)
The General (Dispatch)
2 Coins (Dispatch)