State Shirt

State Shirt


Fiery, intense indie rock anthems for the the lost, the wandering, the hopeful. State Shirt is a one-man operation. Looping full songs out of thin air, he guides you through a dreamlike trip, with melancholic melodies, haunting vocals, rock-steady beatboxing, and ingeniously employed electronics.


State Shirt makes fiery, intense indie rock anthems for the the lost, the wondering, the wandering, the hopeful. Venturing wildly into the farthest corners of his heavy-hearted mental landscape, State Shirt's music displays gripping stories of nostalgia, despair and hope. From living in the droning and faceless San Fernando Valley, to the nostalgia of snowy familiar backroads of Western Massachusetts, to the mind-numbing, draining full-time job that he can't seem to escape. State Shirt has been held captive in a never-ending cycle: work, drink, sleep, repeat. How did things end up so wrong?

Through it all, a glimmer of hope shines. In his modest bedroom studio, he's gradually built up a sanctuary devoted to writing and recording. Slowly pushing aside a life working for someone else's dreams and creating dreams of his own. Sparkles of surreal, melancholic melodies bubble up. Voltage finally runs through a collection of dusty pedals, guitars and electronics, all ready to be endlessly tweaked. Neglected instruments, hand-built loops, and gripping vocals all come together in a swell of burning, powerful indietronic artistry.


2008 This Is Old
2004 Don't Die
2003 Straw Man (SINGLE)
2002 New Planet (EP)

Set List

1. Computer
2. Point of No Return (Expose cover-- really!)
3. Straw Man
4. This Is Old
5. Fell Out Of The Sky
6. Time To Go
7. Back to the Airplanes

Set is approximately 30-40 minutes long.