The Stateside Menace

The Stateside Menace

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We exist to perform live. Full on 100% rock and roll. All the wild energy of the Clash and the Replacements rolled up and shot out of a cannon.


Desperate Times, the debut album from The Stateside Menace, is brimming with a dark energy that threatens to overwhelm the listener - the result of countless hours in the studio trying to translate the ferocity of their live show onto tape. "What came across to me while we were recording was the desperation in the songs," says Brandon. "These were songs I had written over the course of a few years and I was trying to figure out what they all had in common - and it was an intense longing, everything from a simple longing for action in 'Sugarshaker' to really complex questions of love in 'Rachel, Pt. 1' and 'Audrey Hepburn'. So we decided to call the album Desperate Times."

The music recalls the familiar desperation of the late seventies, the desperation of The Clash and My Aim Is True and Marquee Moon and Warren Zevon. But most of all, Desperate Times invokes comparisons to the immediate heirs to the post-punk throne - The Replacements. "We tried to get it to where you can hear what we're feeling in every note, where every second of sound has all of our passion and desire in it," Brandon says. "It was important to us not to polish it too much or dilute the power of this record - just to let the songs and the sounds speak for themselves."

"Because no one makes desperate music anymore."


Desperate Times (2011)