Static In Action

Static In Action

 Sydney, Nova Scotia, CAN

Punk rock meets indie rock in a frenzy of mostly fast songs about roommates, relationships and second hand cars. Debut full length double album released in October 2009.



Are the next answer to any punk rock question about Sydney, NS (where they’re from, duh). Parts pop, indie-core and cool thrash will come to mind too, oh yes.

Static in Action’s members are veteran sluggers to indie band happenings in Cape Breton, notably playing with past acts such as Shaft, The Tom Fun Orchestra, Tilted, Yellow and the list goes on from there. As a band they’ve shared the stage both on the home turf and elsewhere with C’mon, Myles Deck and The Fuzz, The Motorleague, The Stolen Minks and many others. Their sound gives nods to the likes of Braid, Lagwagon and the many outfits each member has performed with over the years.

The band released their debut double album with Out of Touch Records (Horses, DD/MM/YYYY, Dog Day) in October of 2009, with support tours planned throughout Canada for 2010. The debut album was recorded by Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios and features a second disc of re-arranged acoustic performances of the songs.


Static in Action - October 2009

Set List

9 originals for a 45 minute set