New Braunfels, Texas, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

I am Statick from New Braunfels Texas, My real names Will Eckhard (18) I'ma young rapper whos played shows at Harmony sweet here in New Braunfels and would like to further extend my reach so please tell me what you think and don't think i won't msg back i always do =]


I grew up actually in a lot of different places because my dad was in the Air Force for 21 years and for a long time it was all i knew and i was sheltered for awhile. Then i met my two best friends Mary Jane and Music haha. My influences actually come from more of a So-Cal underground type style such as the musical styling of Dumbfoundead, Wax, Herbal - T, Intuition, and many more. What sets me apart from others really is that I'm me and noone else. No two people are identical there's always that little bit of flavor that distinguishes everyone from each other and makes them there own person.


The Statick Kronicles (coming soon) Feb 15, 2012

Set List

I'm Still Fly
My Life
The Zodiac
10 Million Bars
Mind of A Killa
The Lazy Song