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Static Notion "Where We Oughta Be" (2009)
5 Song EP



Static Notion began in the two-thousand and eighth year of Anno Domini (modernly and politically correctly known as The Common Era), when an attractive, young, upstanding man by the name of Chris, who hailed from the mystic and cryptic land of Arnprior, from the McComb clan, joined audible forces with the equally esthetically pleasing, Jordan Potvin; a magical young man whose spawning began in the wondrous land beyond the East of the Canadian Capital Region, and the incredibly incombustible Andrew Meier; a man of whom little is known, for those who discover his life secrets seldom live to tell the tale!

Not only were these three titans visually stunning, but they also shared the same passion, and determination for musical composition and for the creative process required to give birth to such auditory gems that would be worthy of mention and esteem. With Chris's silky vocals that pack enough warmth to swoon a goddess, and better-than-your-mother guitar skills, combined with Andrew's slightly-better-than-chris guitar skills (and awesome beard), and Jordan's hormone-filled, tribal-active percussive talents, the tumultuous trio set out on a divine quest to forge, formulate, beget, actualize, conceive, and concoct some of the most awe-inspiring music ever contrived!

But something was missing! Everyone on the planet knows that such a noble vocation is insurmountable, nay, impossible without a bass player. But they couldn't settle for any regular, run-of-the-mill, too-sucky/lazy-to-play-guitar-so-went-to-bass-wiener-who-plays-a-squire bass player! They needed someone who had a passion for the bass clef! One who could rumble the room by simply staring into an audience. The band cried aloud to the heavens, and their cry was heard all the way in Los Angeles, California, for it was from this Golden Land of wonder, splendor, beaches, and homeless people, that the very beautiful and beastly bass player they sought, would hail.

The quantally quintessential quartet was complete! And since that wonderful day of unification, these four flowery freaks of musical nature have set out on an epic adventure of glory, splendor, and... uh... um... cottage cheese, to compose, construct, and coalesce the type of rock that shall rock the socks of countless generations to come, beyond the obsolescence of socks; until the end of time!