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San Francisco, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Indie




"Review: Static People Rare Creatures ep"

Spunky Seattle singer/keyboardist Dmitra Smith and her French guitarist hubby Pascal Faivre do double duty with punky Ex’s With Benefits and this new wavy, synth-fueled combo. Smith has reined in the vocal hiccups she flaunted on 2011 debut The Last Projectionist; her command and control have improved tenfold. She’s snarling on the quirky, wiry, Metric/Epoxies-like “Monkey Scratches,” sweet on the wheezy, danceable “Tonight,” and seductive on the hurtling, propulsive “Just Go.” Each benefits from the lithe, vigorous rhythms of bassist Shawn Miller and drummer Michael Urbano. The other three tunes veer more towards less immediately striking alterna-rock territory. But Smith’s potent pipes stretch and soar more on these, reaching a stirring, Siouxsie Sioux/Grace Slick synthesis on the “White Rabbit”-esque title track. ( - The Big Takeover, Spring 2014 Issue #74

"AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Check out Static People's latest post-punk masterpiece 'Rare Creatures' EP"

San Francisco post-punk trio Static People kick off their Rare Creatures EP with an explosion of infectious power-pop. “Monkey Scratches” evokes late 90's guitar pop in the best way, but it quickly gives way to the moodier rest of the EP. Think of “Monkey Scratches” and “Tonight” as appetizers for the much darker and heavier fare to follow.

The haunting moods at the heart of Rare Creatures make sense though when you consider that singer/keyboardist Dmitra Smith and bassist Shawn Miller both hail from the Black Futurist Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute Voodoo Dolly. When “Still” kicks in full, the band wears their influences proudly. Smith's powerful and expressive voice invites comparisons to Siouxsie Sioux. The song pulls at the tension between Smith's beautiful voice, and the band's louder tendencies. It builds to a crescendo rock-out that never comes.

Rare Creatures closes with its massive title track. Pensive, but hopeful, it follows in the grand 80's goth/post-punk tradition of dark love songs. The song explodes while Smith intones “hand in hand / this rare creature / that is us / till the end.” - Afro Punk, April 2014

"Gen Exorcist - How Static People's Dmitra Smith Slayed the Demons of Doubt"

There's an adage in publishing circles that goes "novelists are born at 40." In music however, most rock stars are dead at 40, or at least their best creative years are behind them. San Francisco Bay Area-based Static People however, are writing their own rules and in their book, 40 is the new "shut-the-fuck-up-about-our-age-already." It does beg the question, however, "why this band, why now?" (Full article pgs 18-25) - Bullpit Magazine, August 2012

"Best Punk"

Punk music? It’s alive and well and living in the Springs. The band Static People, anchored by Dmitra Smith and Pascal Faivre, was named Best Punk/Post Punk Artist 2013 at the recent Artists in Music Awards. Faivre was at the ceremony, at the Key Club, a Hollywood hot spot. (Apparently, in 2013, hip and punk is not an oxymoron).

“Running mascara and ecstatic screams aside, thank you to everyone who voted for us,” Smith says. The duo next appears March 1, at the Epicurean Connection, with “Acoustic Rants and Teenage Obsessions.” That’s the spirit… About the award itself. Shouldn’t it be a statuette shaped like Joey Ramone or Sid Vicious?

Top 3 things Johnny Rotten would have done with a ‘Best Punk’ trophy:

3) Give it to The Clash
2) Melt and inject it
1) Stick it up the Queen’s bum - Sonoma Valley Sun, February 2013

"The Late Projectionist LP Official Review"

“I like it. Kicks ass. That’s all.” That’s the view of just one fan from an army that stretches from the USA to Australia via Venezuela. Sounding like a much angrier No Doubt, Static People are destined to be your next favourite band. They combine distorted greatness, old school punk vibes and a touch of noisy indie – you need them in your life.

The band’s first long player, The Late Projectionist has garnered airplay from many fine stations in Canada and the US. Not to mention fine establishment, our very own Somojo radio. Track one Toxic Overload introduces the band perfectly: energy and riffs exploding into your ears. Filled with so many great riffs your air guitar will break, some impress you and some like Save the Worst are epically heavy. With seven previous bands between them the album creates a dark but highly diverse sound. Title track The Late Projectionist encapsulates the bands unique sound with old punk vocals, slow verses, big riff and raucous chorus. But for all the energetic Just Sink Down songs like You Know It’s There create a slower vibe, with a big sound you’ll end up getting lost in. The album is underpinned with some strong drumming, giving the guitar work and vocals a strong start; especially in songs like Bleed You. Lead singer Dmitra Smith’s time in a ‘bitchy girls’ choir’ has helped result in in a highly varied approach to vocals. The David Bowie Cover Moonage Dream shows Dmitra’s singing at it’s classic punk best. Whilst American Robot Mother shows of their range and adaptability.

Produced by Jason Carmer this album is the yin to the 2004 Black Tape by The Explosion’s yang – another great record produced by Carmer. With its hooks and melodies this record will stay in your ears and do nice things to your insides. Just Sink Down and American Robot Mother have been picked up by PBS’s Roadtrip Nation. Importantly this album needs to be picked up by you. With fans like this who can disagree: “Great JUST GREATTTTT!!!!! Two thumbs plus Big Toes up!”. Mass digit moving for the win. - Somojo Magazine UK, January 2012

"The Late Projectionist LP Review"

(Page 5) "California's Static People returns with their first full-length, The Late Projectionist, and continue to develop on their riot grrl-esque sound. Combinging the 5 songs from their previous EP with 4 new tracks, The Late Projectionist brings us deeper into the mind of singer Dmitra Smith, with songs like "Just Sink Down" and "Moonage Daydream" painting vivid pictures of the goings-on of a haunted mind. With 9 songs, the momentum holds up better than onthe previous 5 track EP, with songs like "Carrier" having more room to breathe with some of the newer songs, like "Save The Worst" complimenting them nicely. The experiements are working for Static People, and they continue to be a band to watch. With top-notch recording and an album full of hooky songs, all they need now is the right company backing them to finally shoot to the top!" - Vandala Concepts, Feb 2012 (page 5)

"Static People - Toxic Overload"

AP members Static People are back at it with the video for their rock banger 'Toxic Overload'.
In this song, the band tackles issues about pharmaceutical drugs and their use to treat kids with mental disorders.
For more information about the band, the song, and a FREE download of the track, click HERE. About the video: "In the near future, the education system has been completely privatized and is controlled by corporations and pharmaceutical companies. All students are medicated for maximum compliance. In a classroom somewhere, three students make a break to escape."
Directed by Patche$, Hamilton Gordon and Joey Spingarn. Produced by Jason Carmer. -, July 2012

"Video Wednesday - No Way Out and Toxic Overload"

Introducing: California’s Static People with: Toxic Overload! I really like these guys, they are fun and creative. This video is about a world where schools have been taken over by pharmaceutical companies, and students are medicated; and basically making them zombies/compliant. But- three students make an escape, rock out (post punk style), pull the fire alarm, and free the students. This music video, although quirky, it’s very Orwell/1984. - Vandala Concepts Magazine Blog, July 2012


STATIC PEOPLE make you feel your heart beating in it’s cage – Tank grrl Dmitra Smith’s scrumptious voice, add the backing of Pascal Faivre, Daedalus Howell, Mundo Murguia, (yeah, they live up to their names,) you get raving rock’n’roll to grit your teeth to… give me more of this lovely stuff…
- New York Waste, October 2010

"Watch: Static People get the art film treatment for 'The Late Projectionist' video"

Alright now, AP members Static People's new video is bad-ass. The Bay Area-based alt. rock/punk band was picked to have a video directed by two students from digital arts college Ex'Pression. Frontwoman Dmitra Smith, a seasoned singer with an admitted obsession for David Bowie, explains: "Poor Co-Directors Russell DeMaestri and Andrew Bertolucci had a meager 48 hours to come up with concepts, storyboard them and pitch them to us. (...) They went for a storyline, two locations, a combination of black and white and color, nifty transitional camera shots and heavy editing involving lots of animation."
And off they went, shooting this dope mini-movie in a 78-year-old movie house and in a field. Without further ado, here's 'The Late Projectionist'. -, May 2011

"Static People - Propaganda EP (review)"

In my teens I was kind of rebelIious. I had a general disgust with the status quo (guess that hasn’t changed much) and was drawn to like-minded individuals and music that could give voice to my angst, such as Patti Smith.

I first saw Patti Smith in 1971 when she was reciting poetry in a small Venice Beach coffeehouse. She railed against everything - the government, people, life. A few years later she formed the Patti Smith Group and churned out some of the finest punk rock of the mid-70’s. Her 1975 album “Horses,” that commences with Smith’s scream “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine,” is still one of my favorites.

Static People released its first EP (which it calls on its MySpace page “Propaganda”) this April and it recaptures the definitive punk style of the mid-70’s Patti Smith Group. The band consists of bassist Daedalus Howell, vocalist Dmitra Smith, drummer Mundo Murguia and guitarist Pascal Faivre. Static People is produced by Jason Carmer, who has also produced such notables as The Donnas, Third Eye Blind and Run DMC. The band members hail from wine country (or should that be “whine country”), Sonoma, California. They write all of their own material and consider their influences to be the usual punk suspects - Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Clash, The Pixies, Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Bauhaus, etc. Although they fail to attribute their sound to Patti Smith, you just have to listen once to Dmitra Smith to know that Patti Smith is truly the progenitor of Static People’s sound. (When I heard her I immediately thought the two Smiths must be related. I haven’t found any information that confirms or refutes my conjecture.) Even the band’s Facebook page espouses the anti-establishment anarchic position found in Patti Smith’s poems. It states that one of their influences is “general disgust of government.”

The EP consists of five punk rants - “Save The Worst,” a pounding damnation of the “Save the World” evangelists that have gone before the present generation; “American Robot Mother,” a stab at the homogenous and consumptive nature of American society; “Just Sink Down,” a driving tome about allowing oneself to devolve into the depths of darkness, despair and death; “Carrier,” an odd, slow, punk waltz poem about conquest, euphoria and relationship power struggles; and “You Know It’s There,” a highly processed, echo-laden, electronic homage about trust in knowledge rather than perception. Each track has Dmitra Smith’s voice front and center, full of the same angst and derision that propelled Patti Smith to stardom.

You can catch Static People at gigs throughout the Bay Area and occasionally playing live on 87.9 FM, San Francisco’s Pirate Cat Radio. A video is in the works and should be released this December. If you are disgusted with the world as it is, and are looking for a safe outlet to scream about it, this may be your band. - The Ripple Effect, November 2010


Rare Creatures  2014                                                                                                                                                                              The Late Projectionist  2011                                                                                                                                                                 Static People  2010



STATIC PEOPLE posits a parallel universe where punk and pop are conjoined twins then splits them with a buzzsaw guitar. The result is an atomic burst of refined madness that is as precise as it is lysergic, feral on the edges and underscored by the warm hum of a radioactive heart. 

Best Punk/Post Punk Artist 2013, Artists in Music Awards, Los Angeles

Press Quotes:

Snarling on the quirky, wiry, Metric/Epoxies-like “Monkey Scratches,” sweet on the wheezy, danceable “Tonight,” and seductive on the hurtling, propulsive “Just Go.” –The Big Takeover, NY

For a performer who defies facile definition, Smith does boast a single defining feature her voice, which she wields with virtuosic commandwith a natural warmth that adds a sultry dimension to the bands challenging, punk-infused arrangements. Bullpit Magazine, LA

"The Late Projectionist brings us deeper into the mind of singer Dmitra Smith, painting vivid pictures of the goings-on of a haunted mind. With top-notch recording and an album full of hooky songs, all they need now is the right company backing them to finally shoot to the top!...a great mixture of shine and grit. --Vandala Concepts, Canada

"Static People are destined to be your next favourite band. They combine distorted greatness, old school punk vibes and a touch of noisy indie you need them in your life."
--Somojo Magazine UK

"Static People make you feel your heart beating in its cage. Tank grrl Dmitra Smiths scrumptious voice, add the backing of Pascal get raving rock 'n' roll to grit your teeth to."
--New York Waste

"Each track has Dmitra Smith's voice front and center, full of the same angst and derision that propelled Patti Smith to stardom." --The Ripple Effect                                                                          

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