Static Pulse, a high energized band that never ends. They enjoy what they do and bring the fun and noise to the crowd they share.


A band coming of nowhere, a band just coming out, wanting to make a big impact in NorthEast PA, called StaticPulse, is here to rock up NEPA, with Rock, pop and alternative styles of music.

StaticPulse is a band that uses high energy and spirits to rock and jam with fans and family all over the world. Starting out as a garage band that loved to jam out and play covers, they strayed to the world of the world wide web and jamming out on a live web chat website called, touching the inner souls of people and fans all over the world. (

Even though we are just beginning to get out there, we are expecting to make a HUGE impact on all music lovers out there and bring the music scene to NEPA!

Set List

This is still in progress even though ALOT of this we know and are ready to play, we are always adding new and fresh stuff as well!

Set 1.
1. Shadows
2. Kryptonite
3. Whats up
4. Zombie
5. Wicked Game
6. Just what I needed
7. Since You Been gone
8. Behind these hazel eyes
9. Game Over
10. Surrender
11. Critize
12. Home- ( Breaking Ben)
13.Cult of Personality ( Living Colour)

Set 2
1. Bring me to life
2. Bitch
3. MachineHead (Bush)
4. Enter Sandman
5. I love Rock and Roll
6. Going Under
7. What have you done Now
8. She Hates Me
9. Man in the Box
10. Slither
11. Remedy
12. Sober
13.Bad Religion