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Static Pulse

North Hollywood, California, United States

North Hollywood, California, United States
Band Rock Hip Hop


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The Birth of Hip-Roc (EP)



There have been mash-ups. There have been cross-overs. Metal bands and rappers. Punks with flow. The Kings of Rock as hip-hop superstars.

Now it’s time for something completely different.

Static Pulse would like to introduce you to Hip-Roc.

The Second Coming

Ocean and Tony formed Static Pulse because the music playing in their heads was something unique. Whether touring with punk bands or covering top-40 hip-hop, they wanted something more.

They wanted music that cut through the noise of what the corporate accountants decided would be easily marketable. Music that grooved and had an edge. Music that wasn’t a simple “A + B = C” equation of whatever rock and hip-hop sounds were popular.

Elvis revolutionized the world with his combination of hillbilly twang and R&B swagger. Tony and Ocean (who shares a birthday with The King) plan to revolutionize it again with Hip-Roc.

“This is the soundtrack of my life.”

Static Pulse plays Hip-Roc. More than a layer of MC over simplistic rock grooves, Hip-Roc is a made-from-scratch, inspired creation. While it combines elements of things past, Hip-Roc is a coming together of the souls of two men who have played and toured and ground all kinds of music into their bones.

Tony spent his youth touring and playing with a rock band. He also spent some time working the dance-club scene in a cover band playing top-40 hip-hop. 18 months spent arranging heavily-produced hip-hop hits for a 4-piece rock band changed the way he thought about music.

Ocean toured with his brother in support of a more traditional hip-hop project. But as he sat in with the punk bands they often shared bills with, he realized that there was something else he wanted to try. When his brother and musical partner was taken in a tragic accident, he decided the best tribute would be to let other people in on the revolutionary sounds in his head.

Hi. My name is…

Ocean and Tony are Midwestern boys – they grew up 50 miles from each other – who didn’t meet until random chance threw them together in a sushi restaurant. Ocean was half Korean and half black – a rapper into forming a rock band. Tony was half Korean and half white – a rocker looking for a hip-hop band.

In each other, Ocean and Tony each found a musical brother. With musical chemistry like crazy, they both learn from and push past what each was doing alone.

“Opening minds, and therefore changing lives.”

Ocean’s worst fear is one day leaving this earth, meeting his brother, and being greeted with the words “You stopped.”

Static Pulse is inventing a new place in the musical world.