Static Rabbit

Static Rabbit


Back to basics rock, where true musicianship meets raw vocals and a driving beat. Nothing overproduced here, just infecting rock/pop tunes that you swear you've heard before, but that have a unique attitude and style.


This band has charisma, and these four guys will have you rocking out right from the start. Their contagious sound is hard to categorize, but it lies somewhere in the love child of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buckcherry, The Panic Division and Billy Idol. These are songs that grab you as soon as you walk in the bar and stick with you long after last call. Interesting melodies and thoughtful lyrics were penned by the group. Front man, Jon Glasser, connects with the audience on a visceral level, telling a dynamic story and exposing a fundamental pop/rock vibe. Prodigy Kit "Tricky Dix" Dicker, lead guitarist, has fine-tuned his skill and captivates listeners with his intricate riffs and stop-and-stare solos. Bass player, Mike Seaton, gives the music a weight and richness that reveals his extensive musical background. Last, but certainly not least, is Lucas Ives on drums who keeps the pace in a style that is reminiscent of John Bonham and Stewart Copeland.

Set List

1) Marching Along
2) Damn Well Tried
3) Beautiful Girls
4) Almost Happy
5) Tomorrow's Another Day
6) Sleep It Off
7) Summer Turns to Fall
8) I Remember You
9) Just a Friend

Our set generally last between 30 and 40 minutes but we can cater it to anything.