Static Revival
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Static Revival


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The Tin Can Tracks - A Side: Whole, B Side: Devil's Eyes - Recorded at our beloved storage unit/ rehearsal space.

Debut EP "Gilding the Lily" - coming January 2013



Static Revival is an experience, offered in layers; a multi-dimensional musical statement, willing to reveal itself to whatever extent its listener cares to take notice. On its exterior, the combination of musical styles is found accessible to a wide range of people who may care to never look or dive any deeper into its musical expression. For those who do care to dive deeper, however, Static Revival offers much, much more. The band's lyrical content is little if not thought provoking, focusing on specific emotions and feelings designed to elicit a direct response in its listeners. Utilizing philosophical and emotional ideology, their set list reads as a veritable catalog of human thought. "Beautiful Coward" dissects the fear of success, poignantly, as it amasses great understanding in it's insistence: "You're the one that cut out this hole that you have. You've nothing to fear all this pain is just made up, made up; it's not real." While the beautifully encouraging "Whole" conveys how we tend to judge ourselves in fear; focusing on the laundry list of things we think we lack: "The mirror makes you out to be whatever you don't want to see if you're scared to look" and finds absolution in its climactic apex: "Oh, just so you know, you are already WHOLE." It is this culmination of style and artisticness that allows the listener to not just hear the music, not simply hear the words and think "I've felt that way before," but rather to truly experience something that could potentially help make sense of their trials and tribulations there, right in that moment; to broaden their perception of the world around them and leave an everlasting impression on those who happen to hear it.