Static Thought

Static Thought

 Oakland, California, USA

Static Thought sounds like a mixture of Hardcore, Punk, Indie and Metal genera but has a unique quality. Citing influences like The Clash, Refused, Led Zeppelin, Mars Volta, and many others we have created a progressive take on punk music with lyrics dealing with the important social issues of today


Static Thought: A band has grown and matured from street punk beginnings into a fresh new progressive take on the aggressive art form known as punk rock. The band consists of Eric Urbach on Guitar and vocals, Johaan Hill on Bass, Drew Cueva on drums and Aaron Younce on Guitar. From a collective gathering of influences, Static Thought has been described as a creative mixture of punk, hardcore, metal and indie with lyrics that deal with personal and social issues. Static Thought Signed to hellcat/epitaph records and released 2 full length records (The Motive for Movement and In the Trenches). The Motive for Movement was also released on Sony Records in Japan. Since then the band has gone on countless tours (Europe/UK, Canada, US, Mexico etc) including a stop at the Reading and Leeds Festival all working self managed and independent of large agents. Static Thought will be releasing their 3rd LP in Spring of 2012


Soylent Green

Written By: Eric Urbach

Truth is just a vice that leads to another lie. Another vice that prohibits us to ask why. I’m just so tired of what’s been done. Nothing done can be the thing that makes us one so well keep trying until we cant sleep at night, hit them with a heavy line til they might think its right to not point the gun a kid the age of 8. A dead father a mother irate

12 PM a heavy headed man rings the church bells

Deep inside me, so deep inside me come out so the world can see. We can’t condone it for long a mistaken trout on a path that’s two feet long.

Valor another world that’s used to some it all up the courage of one and the death of some its just pride, i'm so tried of what's come to pass in front of my face I don’t want another relapse.

Were addicted to a soylent green a feel of lust and a smell that can please. They are so afraid to loose it all its become a paradox lets watch them fall

At 11:50 the heavy headed man doesn’t want to ring the church bells.

What’s in me is what’s in us all. The courage to face and the prospect to fall. I’ll make my choice you make yours. I can’t stop thinking my mind has gone wack. I just want to love and get it back. Past 12 o’clock, now its 12:10, churchman will never ring those bells again

So Crooked

Written By: Eric Urbach

One shot, gunshot heard across the world. A last breath of responsible ties. I felt so, so taken. A failed attempt at walking the line

My mind is mistaken, a people so hell bent and impatient. The deaf voices are never heard. You’re so elegant and so crooked.

Don’t pretend just amend the gavel falls.

Sometimes I’m angry but mostly I’m sad I just miss the days when I was blissful and glad. I use to be forward I use to relate they got the best of me and now I can’t escape. I see my friends fall over and crack. The courage to face became a lot of feedback. The soylent vomit controls us all and I can’t make them see what I saw.

Free will to destroy free will to unite. We wear a different mask every night. These lies are real they cant be controlled. The truth is real, the truth is cold.


Written By: Eric Urbach

I'm bloodthirsty and I don't know what for. I think my mind is loosing it. But all these faces looking at me, it seems like these kids have been treated like shit. So I ask you, do you want more?
I am the voice of reason seeping through like a thick black fog and my agenda is clear. I want to rid the world of meaningless violence and you ask me what do we do from here. Stop Dehumanizing each other, stop oppressing others ways. Now I put a question on the floor, does anybody fucking care anymore? Or am I all alone? I know I care
Are we at an end? Have we severed the ties? Have we forced each other to tell nothing but lies? Is there a progression leading us to a start? Or is it to late, are we falling apart? So I ask you, what are we going to do from here? Will we start today? Treating each other in a different way? So I ask you, do you want more?


Full Lengths
Static Thought S/T: 2012 (301 Collective)
The Motive for Movement (hellcat/epitaph) 2008
In the Trenches (hellcat/epitaph) 2007

Singles: Soylent Green (S/T) Faces, Vindication, Anymore (the motive for movement) Drug of my Mind, Junk Dope and Speed (in the trenches) have received airplay in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the USA on major, college, and online radio stations.

Soylent Green EP: 2011
Wartortle split: 2010
From the Bay to LA split: 2009
Outta Control: 2004