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Statik is an up and coming artist whos lyrics capture the essence of human emotions. His expressions of lifes events, whether they are the hardships and trials of pain or the upbeat feeling of happiness, are translated into hard hitting vocals over a variation of instrumentals.


Statik was born April 29th 1990, in his hometown of Calvert County, Md. His electrifying and unrelenting vocals, paint vivid pictures of lifes ups and downs. He uses his talent and gift for music to induce the feelings inside of his listeners. His versatile beat selection and assortment of concepts, make for a perfect combination of songs and feelings that capture the realness of what the hip hop community has been missing for quite a while. He looks to progress and certainly succeed in his field of music.



The New Beginning
Psychiatry Didnt Help Ep (The Demo)
Statik & D.A.V.E-- The Demo

Race Wars ft. D.A.V.E